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See ImageryMichael Falk
I share posts about photography including the practice, business, and gear. I’ll especially cover strategies for photography blogging, creating a blog, and simply staying motivated.


Photography Guides, Tips, and Gear

  • photography tips for beginners

10 Photography Tips for Beginners

December 9, 2020|2 Comments

10 Photography Tips for Beginners In our Facebook group, Photography Bloggers Nation, I recently presented the following scenario/question in regards to photography tips for beginners. Your meeting a friend for some coffee and they just [...]

  • photography style

How to find your Photography Style

September 22, 2020|2 Comments

One time I overheard a photographer ask another, “What do you think your Photography style is?” “I don’t know,” was the answer. That would have been my answer too, I thought. “You need to figure [...]

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How to Make a Passive Income as an Artist

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Photography Blogging

Best Blogging Practices

December 4, 2021|1 Comment

In this post, I sit down with NFT Photographer and artist @ChipRiggs as he interviews me about the best blogging practices! We talk about SEO Practices, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Selling Prints and even NFTs! [...]

Do Photographers Really Need to Blog?

May 26, 2020|1 Comment

A Photo Isn’t Worth a Thousand Words: Why Photographers Need to Blog Are you a photographer looking to expand your reach? If you're wondering how to share your portfolio beyond acquittances and friends, or tired [...]


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Photography Motivation

The Blue Vase

March 27, 2023|0 Comments

The Blue Vase, by @Vee, collected by @seeimagery. NFT Link: Collect Here#blackcoffee, this is a exercise of writing. On occasion, mostly when I feel like it, I will highlight/source 1 piece of art I have collected on my [...]

My Rainy Reflection

March 11, 2023|0 Comments

My Rainy Reflection, Photography by @Ellifite, collected by @seeimagery and 19 others. Scratch that, I no longer own this amazing one by Rey, someone picked it up on secondary but I collected another one from [...]

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