See Imagery isn’t about one photographer, business or person. See Imagery is a collection of experiences through the lens of many. It’s you and I in the same pursuit, to learn photography, and let’s be clear, this journey has no end!

It’s also not a linear trajectory toward some set endpoint. Some of us view photography as a rewarding hobby, some a business, and others, simply a way of life. There is no right or wrong, there is only what you want out of photography.

What do you want out of Photography?

If you want to answer that question for yourself then you are in the right place. I share posts about photography including the practice, business and gear. I’ll especially cover strategies for photography blogging and simply staying motivated.

A photography blog can be a personalized space to publish your images, discuss techniques, gear, and upcoming projects. It’s also a great space to track and document your progress as you journey into photography.

If you’re a professional it can also be a central place for you to establish your brand, show who you are and what value you can offer your clients. Everything else, social media, etc., should exist to serve your blog.

If you don’t know anything about blogging that’s OK. I will help you build your very own Photography Blog utilizing WordPress, one of the best content management systems around.

Finally, I will be sharing guest posts from other photographers in the photography community. We want to look at photography and its application in your life but also the lives of other photographers around the world.

Some of these photographers will know a lot more than me, and some will only be at the start of their journey. We seek inspiration and encouragement from all!

My Name is Michael Falk

I started See Imagery as a way to improve my writing abilities while also exploring and further developing my skills as a photographer. I love photography but I have also struggled with most of the topics I will discuss here.

I bought my first DSLR camera back in 2011, around 9 months after my parents passed away. I remember this well as when you start to dabble in portraiture you immediately wish you had photographed your parents. If you have that luxury, go do it now!

Anyways, since those beginner days, I can confidently say that I’ve grown quite a bit as a photographer. I mean, I totally know every button on my camera. Heck, I can even talk f-stops with other photographers and totally digest the conversation. OK, I speak in Jest. 

Truthfully, I am not the photographer I want to be, not today and probably not tomorrow.

You see, I am the photographer that plans events, books clients and then thinks, “Oh god, what have I done. I hope my IBS behaves. What will the space in my head look like the day the event arrives? Will I be calm and confident or will I be an absolute wreck that not even shutter speed 1/8000 can freeze.”

I’m also the photographer that feels uneasy when trying my hand at street photography. Despite loving the genre, I can’t help to think, “Is this weird? Are they thinking why the hell is this guy photographing me? I could ask I guess but then the moment would feel contrived. Oh god, help me!”

And finally, I’m the photographer that looks at other photographers I admire and thinks, “wow, they are so good, why do I even try.” But I do. I still try. Why, because I know for certain I am better than the photographer I was when I started. I also know that I can be better than the photographer I am today. This statement is infinite, it will always be this way.

Why, because photography is a never-ending learning experience.

There is always room to grow and improve your craft. You can’t possibly ever think, “Yup, I’m awesome, I mastered it, there’s nothing new to learn.” If you feel this way then you just quit trying to grow. There is always a technique or piece of gear you haven’t tried, a genre you haven’t explored, and a problem you haven’t encountered.

That’s why I’m in the perfect place to help you. Just go with me on this. Why, because I’m in the trenches with you, hitching our wagon to a star despite its distance across the sky. Why, because I want to fight for you, learn with you and grow together. I want you and I to become the photographer we aspire to be. Not just today, but tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

You Are Here because

You are a photographer, for business or pleasure.

You want to grow as a photographer, blogger or business.

You want to build a website to display your photography portfolio using one of the best CMS, WordPress.

You are looking for inspiration to feed your ambition and motivate you into action.

You spend an enormous amount of mental energy thinking about photography. So much so, that it’s making you crazy. You carry the mental burden from day to day without ever realizing its potential and place in your life or business.

You like hanging out with other photographers that will champion your efforts, encourage you and promote you while also reciprocating the gesture.

You like learning but also helping those a few steps behind you. You also don’t mind watching someone trial and error their way toward better results.

Did you identify with any of the above statements?

If so and you’re still reading then, “Hello, nice to meet you!”  I’m glad you’re here. I can’t wait to get to know you as a person, and as a photographer.  To get started I suggest sinking your teeth into some of the content listed below.

How to Create a Photography Website with WordPress: This series of posts will walk you through all the steps of creating your Photography Website.

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