The Blue Vase, by @Vee, collected by @seeimagery.
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#blackcoffee, this is a exercise of writing. On occasion, mostly when I feel like it, I will highlight/source 1 piece of art I have collected on my NFT journey. The art will not necessarily be my inspiration or focus, but more a sponsor. Instead, I will just let my thoughts flow, like black coffee, raw and unstirred.

Magic Treasures in the Attic

As a kid, I remember scrummaging around the attic for anything that looked interesting. I would come across magical treasures, items, and trinkets that I still remember today.

One such item was a blue vase, actually an assortment of colored vessels, vases, and bottles, all different sizes, all different uses.

You see when you are a kid, everything has some future potential, a use case, or hidden potential that is still waiting for discovery. One day, they could hold magical potions. On a different day, the cure for when we play pandemic. We are still playing, right?

I often look around my house today and wonder what kind of magic our house hides in the eyes of my 7-year-old daughter. Does our household contain the same magic? If so, I can’t see it because all I can think about is living somewhere new.

My daughter tells me that she wants to live here forever. So maybe there is some magic hiding in junk drawers, cupboards, closets, and even in the attic.

Maybe we are the magic. Maybe it’s the love, fun, and memories we all share as a family that gives a blue vase tucked away in a hidden nook its magic.

Of course, then again, maybe it’s magic.

Actionable Photography Assignment:

Grab your camera and take photos of some things lying around your house. Find stuff that on most days, seems ordinary. Find unique ways to make them seem extraordinary.

You can do this by lighting them in different ways. Light them from the side with ambient window light. If you have strong light coming through the window, you can try to shoot straight on silhouettes. Mix it up, change windows, and get the speedlight out. If you need more help, check out this post about lighting: 10 Photography Lighting Tips

Try different focal lengths, if you have a Macro Lens try that.

You can also create fun collections by photographing similar items you find around the house. I can’t wait to see all the different results people come up with.

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