If you are a photographer, social media influencer, artist, personality, or someone trying to grow a brand, this post is for you.

Do you spend a lot of time on Social Media posting photo after photo and providing content, content, content, but seeing nothing in return? Of course you are, that’s how these platforms work. You bring the content, photography, videos, etc. and they connect you with your audience. Of course, If you have or grow a large audience this can become a lucrative venture.

But until that ad revenue starts flooding in, and even after, you should also be using Revel as part of your marketing strategy. Transform your social experience into a game with Revel, and start earning Revs that you can swap for real money today.

What is Revel.xyz?

One of My Card Packs on Revel

OK, so you never heard of Revel, what is it? Revel labels itself as a “social collectibles” platform. It’s also been described as a cross between Instagram and Robinhood in this article on TechCrunch: Revel raises $7.8M to become the Instagram and Robinhood of NFT platforms

The goal of Revel is simply trading, collecting, and building sets of your favorite artists, brands, and influencers. Think of Revel as a Social Media card-trading platform. Everything is collectible. That means people can collect and own a piece of your social media journey.

Normally, on Instagram, you upload a photo or video, and people like it, comment on it, give you a big heart and that’s it. But on Revel, that image or video is given an edition count. For example, a common card starts at 10 editions when you’re new, 0 collectors.

This means 10 of your biggest fans cannot only see your image/video but can collect it with Revs (in-game currency) and this card goes in their collection.

Now, they can keep the card, collecting more of your cards over time and eventually build sets of 3 cards. Once a set is created, the cards lock and nobody can buy them from you.

Yes, that’s right, if you don’t lock a card someone can buy it from you unless it’s a unique 1/1. Those are safe and only collectible via offers. But, each time someone buys a common or rare, the price of that card increases, driving the card’s value up.

Therefore, the goal is to lock the cards you value. Not only does locking sets of cards protect your cards but it also ensures you will receive future rewards from the creator when they create new cards.

The more sets you lock of a particular social media influencer, artist, or personality, the better the rewards. Win; win, especially if you are a big fan of someone.

Does this sound fun? It is, so grab your sticker book, card album, or whatever, and let’s go trade cards like we did when we were kids. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you. Yes, you can trade cards too! Use my Code below and let’s trade!

How to Get Started with Revel:

Before you dive into the world of Revel, let’s break down the key elements and steps to get started:

1. Creating Your First Pack:

Revel allows you to turn your social media content into collectible cards. Start by creating your first pack. There is no reason you can’t recycle some of the content you’ve already shared on Instagram, etc.

Your initial pack of 3 cards generates 16 editions.
1 Common (10 editions)
1 Rare (5 editions)
1 Unique (1 edition).

The unique is your most prized and valuable 1/1.

How you approach this is up to you but every time you post you will need to create 3 cards. I recommend that these 3 cards be related. For example, the pack for a fashion photographer might look like this.

Common – Behind the Scenes photo of makeup artist putting makeup on model
Rare –BTS video footage of the actual shoot
Unique – The results, an amazing photo from the shoot

Alternatively, you could also just share 3 images from the shoot or 3 mountains, 3 street photos, etc. Whatever your thing is, I just recommend the 3 images in a set share a common theme. If you just share 3 unconnected things it kind of screams, I don’t have a plan.

Pro Tip: When creating your 3 cards, if you click in the white space below the image an invisible line to enter individual card titles appears. Make sure to utilize that.

2. Trading and Collecting Sets:

The heart of Revel is trading and collecting sets of your favorite artists, brands, influencers, etc. You will need to collect sets of three cards from other users to increase your level for that particular person and earn harvest rewards (bonus cards).

In addition, after your initial pack, you can’t create another pack of cards until someone collects and locks at least one set of your cards. This is known as proof-of-demand minting and helps ensure a healthy supply constraint and game economy.

So what are the Harvest bonus rewards? Simple, you earn cards by holding at least one set of a particular creator when they create a new pack. The more sets you have locked, the better your chance for reward. Let’s break that down with the current harvest reward distribution. I say current because it has changed over time.

Current Harvest Reward Distribution

Set/LevelRequired Cards% Chance Harvest Rewards
13 Common25 % Common
23 Common28 % Common
33 Common30 % Common
42 Common + 1 Rare33% Common OR 3% Rare
52 Common + 1 Rare35% Common OR 3% Rare
61 Common + 2 Rare35% Common OR 5% Rare
71 Common + 2 Rare38% Common OR 5% Rare
83 Rare40% Common OR 8% Rare
93 Rare43% Common OR 8% Rare
103 Rare45% Common OR 8% Rare
112 Common + 1 Unique48% Common OR 10% Rare
122 Common +1 Unique50% Common OR 10% Rare
132 Common + 1 Unique53% Common OR 13% Rare
141 Common + 1 Rare + 1 Unique55% Common OR 15% Rare
151 Common + 1 Rare + 1 Unique58% Common OR 15% Rare
162 Rare + 1 Unique60% Common OR 18% Rare
172 Rare + 1 Unique63% Common OR 18% Rare
181 Rare + 2 Unique68% Common OR 20% Rare
191 Rare + 2 Unique73% Common OR 23% Rare
201 Common + 1 Rare + 1 Unique75% Common OR 25% Rare

As illustrated in the above chart, creating sets from your favorite content creators becomes increasingly challenging with each new level. However, with each set you manage to create, the potential rewards grow whenever the creator releases a new pack.

3. Understanding Revs and Net Worth:

Revs, Revel’s in-app currency, plays a crucial role in the platform’s economy. You earn Revs by creating/selling cards, trading, and earning royalties on secondary sales.

Secondary sales happen when someone who collected your cards sells them. You should get a little portion of that sale because you are the creator.

Your Net Worth is the sum of the estimated asset value of your entire card collection and your Revs balance.

4. Cashing Out

Revel provides real-world value through its cash-out feature. Yes, turn your Revs into dollars once you reach the minimum balance which is currently, 2500 Revs, roughly $51. You will need to provide some tax information and fill out some documents confirming your identity.

5. Card Battles

Oh, you thought we were done. Well, there is one more aspect of Revel that is somewhat interesting. Yes, you can battle your collection of cards against other collector’s cards.

It’s rather simple, you pick a card and send it off to a random match battle against someone else’s card. The winner takes both cards.

The battle is highly dependent on the card and social media statistics of the creator. The system randomly picks one stat from the card and compares them to see who won.

Card stats include Rarity, Card Value, # of Collectors, Creator Level, Comments, artwork RGB, and Follower counts from Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

In a nutshell, that’s Revel, the Card Trading Social Media Platform. Now, let’s address some common questions that I know I had when I first joined.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Joker Card?

Jokers take the place of any unique card in a set you are trying to create. You can win a Joker in the daily shake or trade for a joker card. Currently, there are no jokers remaining to buy outright within the Revel App. However, I have heard of some people acquiring them on OpenSea.

2. You just mentioned OpenSea, are these NFTs then?

Yes, OpenSea is a NFT marketplace and essentially, you are creating NFTs. The Cards are not inherently viewable on the blockchain when you first create them in the App. However, any holder/collector of a card can claim them via Polygon crypto wallet, and bring them on chain. If you don’t even know what a NFT is than start here to learn more: What is an NFT?

3. Are Revs a tradeable %Token on an exchange then?

No, Revs are an in-game currency that you can exchange for USD in the app via PayPal.

4. What is the Daily Shake?

The Daily Shake is a daily roll of the dice. You can win Revs to place an offer on specific cards chosen by the system. Occasionally, you will win Revs outright with no need to place offers. You can also win a Joker.

I recommend you participate daily even if you have no interest in collecting the card they are offering you. They are giving you the Revs to participate and we want to see those Revs go into the economy any way possible. You never know how they are spent, and when they come back to you.

Understanding ownership and copyright is crucial on Revel.

The card creator owns the card and retains IP rights. Collectors who own editions of that card receive a personal use, non-commercial license of the card.

A non-commercial license allows the collector to display the card and sell the card under the same non-commercial license.

It does NOT allow the user to exploit the card commercially. Revel addresses copyright issues through user reporting and follows DMCA guidelines.

Final Thoughts on Revel

Revel transforms your social media journey into a tangible, tradable experience. It’s not just about likes and comments; it’s about owning a piece of someone’s digital legacy. So, embrace the nostalgia, start trading cards, and let Revel redefine your social media interactions. Happy trading!

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Are You Already on Revel?

Great, definitely want to here your thoughts. Please, share your experience on Revel, any tips? Use the comments below.