OK, it’s time to install some WordPress Plugins. But, what are the Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers?

This is a pretty comprehensive list but by no means all-inclusive. I’m not going to sit here and tell you which one is best because the best one is the one that fits your needs.

I’m just going to give you options. Look through the list, research them and find a few that meet your needs.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers are the ones that fit your needs!

For example, if you simply want to showcase your work in a nice manner then maybe you don’t need some of these heavier plugins with a ton of features.

On the other hand, maybe you need lots of options and your ideas go way beyond just displaying your work. In this case, you might need something with more features, or even a couple of different plugins to cover your needs.

Whatever you do, try not to duplicate functionality. Don’t install unnecessary plugins as they can add bloat and make your website run slow.

Not to mention, sometimes plugins don’t play nice together. If you have a bunch of plugins it can be hard to narrow down any problems you might incur.

Most importantly, make sure any plugin you install is well documented and updated regularly. You don’t need any security issues or badly coded plugins slowing things down.

Though I have downloaded and toyed around with most of the plugins on the list it does not mean I actively use or endorse them. Therefore, I may have a lot of experience with some and less with others.

Note: If you are a photographer or have experience with these plugins don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below. Also, let us know of any great plugins we missed!

Amazing WordPress Recommendations

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WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Image Optimization

When talking about the best WordPress plugins for photographers you have to talk about image optimization.

Image Optimization is important and it’s even more important for a photography website as your content is really going to be image-heavy. Personally, as photographers, I feel like this should be part of your workflow and you shouldn’t use any of these plugins.

I feel like you should do all your image optimization yourself before you upload the image. For example, create a Lightroom or Photoshop preset with optimized settings for web use. Other offline solutions you could consider are JPEGmini or ImageOptim.

The following list of plugins is for the individuals who rather just upload photos as they are and have a plugin do all the work. Realize, having a plugin do the work can put an extra load on your server during compression. You also may experience image corruption, over-compression, and slow upload speeds.

EWWW Image Optimizer

>700,000 active installs

Optimize all-new image uploads as well as images that you’ve already uploaded. Has a ton of options to fine-tune the compression/quality ratio to your tastes. The core plugin is free and will optimize images on your own server.

Using the paid API will optimize your images via external specialized servers that utilize lossless and lossy compression. The paid version runs on credits and each file you optimize takes 1 credit. This means there is no monthly fee, you are simply charged for what you use.

One thing to note, some WordPress Themes save multiple copies of the same image to accommodate different image sizes. Each file represents 1 credit so if your theme creates 17 different images sizes then you are going to use 17 credits on one image. This can add up quickly.

Imagify – WebP & Image Compression

>200,000 active Installs

Imagify is another option to compress and optimize all your existing images as well as new uploads. Three levels of compression are available including normal, aggressive and ultra. With each image you optimize you can also get its WebP version.

You can optimize 25MB of free images a month before moving to a paid plan.


>300,000 active installs

With this plugin, you configure the max-width, height and jpg quality and Imsanity does the rest. It’s good if you want a basic solution to deal with the huge images that come straight from your camera. It does lack a lot of the advanced compression options you have with the other plugins.

If you’re serious about providing high-res images on your website then this probably isn’t your best option. If you don’t mind and value speedy page loads above all else then it does what it’s supposed to do really well.

Imsanity is a Free WordPress plugin.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

>1 Million active Installs

Resize, optimize, and compress with one of the most popular WordPress image optimization plugins. This plugin is free and can optimize all your images up to 5MB in size. Additional features include bulk smush, lossless compression, image resizing and much more.

If you want more features you can consider WP Smush Pro. The pro version supports file sizes up to 32MB, Super Smush lossy compression, fast CDN image delivery, WebP conversion, automatic resizing and more.

Image Sliders

No doubt, image sliders are cool and can add additional style and functionality to your website that a static image just can’t do. I absolutely love full-screen image sliders on a photography website. Unfortunately, they can also slow things down if you get carried away.

Just use your best judgment when it comes to image sliders. If you feel its slowing things down to a level you are uncomfortable with then maybe you forgo them. I’ll leave it up to you. Here are a couple of popular WordPress image sliders.

Layer Slider

96,570 Sales and counting – Commercial Plugin

This is a popular slider plugin commonly found bundled with premium WordPress Themes. My introduction to the plugin comes from using Avada WordPress theme. Great theme by the way!

As far as sliders go this is an excellent option if you’re looking for eye candy. Similar to Slider Revolution, which I’ll mention below, this one is packed with all kinds of features and special effects, animations, etc. Of course, all this comes with a level of complexity.

There is no Free Version.

Master Slider

>100,000 Active Installs

My personal experience with Master Slider is limited but I know it’s a popular option. You really just have to download these things and test them out to see which one is for you. I’ll note that the interface feels a little foreign with respect to the WordPress platform so you might have to do some exploring.

I think as far as free goes, this one provides some nice features so if you’re not looking to spend up right now you might want to consider this option. Then maybe down the road, you could upgrade to Pro.

MasterSlider comes in both Free and Pro versions.


>800,000 Active Installs

MetaSlider is another great option for those looking for a simple yet effective solution. I like plugins that feel native to the WordPress platform. You will hear me point this out again and again but for some reason, it really bugs when the interface just feels foreign to the main platform.

MetaSlider comes in both Free and Pro versions.

Slider Revolution

327,485 Sales and counting – Commercial Plugin

Pretty sure this is the bestselling WordPress slideshow presentation plugin in the CodeCanyon marketplace. If you want lots of bells and whistles, countless animations and transitions then this is probably your slider. Just know, like Layer Slider, all these extras come with a layer of difficulty.

I’m not saying it’s hard to get a quick slide show up and running because it’s not. I’m just saying it might take you some time to utilize the plugin to its full potential.

Many popular premium WordPress themes come bundled with the Slider Revolution plugin. The Avada theme I’m using on this site is packaged with Slider Revolution in addition to Layer Slider as I mentioned before.

That’s why I love working with premium themes, you get some great plugins and lifetime updates when you update your plugin through the theme. Plugin support is not included. There is no Free Version of this plugin.

Smart Slider 3

>400,000 Active Installs

Smart Slider 3 gives you a lot of features and options, even in the free version which will sure to delight most users. The interface strays away from the native WordPress platform quite a bit but it’s still intuitive.

Smart Slider 3 comes in both Free and Pro versions.


>80,000 Active Installs

Fast, easy and well documented. This is one of my favorite sliders to use as it is really user-friendly and offers great results. It just feels like part of the Native WordPress platform and seems faster than most of the competition.

It doesn’t have the plethora of options that Slider Revolution or Layer Slider offer but some folks don’t need all that. I will say that the lite version might feel a little lite on features. For this reason, you may want to update to the Pro version depending on your needs.

The price can vary depending on your needs and not going to lie, it can get kind of pricey. Even the lowest personal package only includes updates for 1 year.

Media Tools

Enhanced Media Library

>100,000 Active Installs

If you need to manage a lot of media files then you might consider this plugin. This will allow you to add categories and tags for your media items. This way you can easily filter your media content while looking through your media library.

This plugin is Free but also comes in a free version that includes additional features.

Image Widget

>300,000 Active Installs

Image Widget is exactly what the name implies. It’s a widget you can use to add images to various places on your website that accepts widgets, usually sidebar and footer. It uses the native WordPress media manager which is a plus.

This plugin is free but with Image Widget Plus you can also add slideshows, lightboxes and randomized images.

Regenerate Thumbnails

>1 Million Active Installs

This is a WordPress tool and only specific scenarios would warrant its use. If you’ve changed or added new thumbnail sizes, either manually or by activating a new theme that uses different size thumbnails then you will find this plugin useful.

This plugin is Free to use.

WP/LR Sync

>5000 Active Installs

This plugin will sync your photos, collections, keywords, and metadata between Lightroom and WordPress. This means that the changes you make in Lightroom will be replicated on your WordPress site.

As far as I can tell there is no free version so I have not actually tested the plugin. If it does work as intended I can definitely see all kinds of potential. This could definitely be one of those game-changer, time saver, can’t live without plugins.

The WordPress side of this plugin is free but you need WP/LR Sync plugin for Lightroom as well. That is where the cost comes in but truthfully, if it lives up to the hype, it’s worth every penny. If you have experience with this plugin I would love to hear your feedback in the comments.

Photo Proofing

Photography Management

>1000 Active Installs

I really like the idea behind this plugin. Basically, it starts with the client. Each client has their own page you fill out with all their pertinent details about the shoot. Then you add images to this client page thereby creating a gallery.

Send the client a link to a login portal where they enter the username and password you provide them. When they log in they are instantly taking to their gallery where they can favorite the photos, download them if enabled, etc.

You will be notified via email of your client’s actions. Simply export the list of favorite images and start ordering them with the print house of your choice.

This plugin is Free but includes premium features for a price.



>1000 Active Installs

Picu is similar to Photography Management in terms of functionality and appears to be another great option for photo proofing. They also have roughly the same number of active installs, rating, etc.

One difference I noted is that with Picu, you can send a link to your client via email right from the WordPress dashboard. I believe with Photography Management you need to copy the link and send it manually via your email client. Not a big deal but to some this could impede workflow.

This is a freemium plugin meaning there are both free and paid versions.

Portfolio Gallery Options

Easy Photography Portfolio

>10,000 Active Installs

If a clean minimalistic portfolio website is what you’re after then perhaps you should look here. This plugin is simple and easy to use and will provide you with an impressive looking photography portfolio.

Each portfolio album item is represented by an image which in turn opens a full gallery of images. Your albums can also be categorized which is really nice.

To my knowledge, this plugin is completely free and includes all the features upfront. The cross-sell here is custom premium themes specifically designed for Easy Photography Portfolio.

Custom themes that use EPP

Horizon Theme – Horizontal Fullscreen Layout

Aventine Theme – Custom Masonry Design, Horizontal Layout

Bluebird Theme – Horizontal Layout, Multiple layout options


FooGallery + FooBox

>100,000 Active Installs

This is one of the more popular solutions currently standing at over 100,000 active installations. FooGallery is simple but also very configurable and extensible. It’s actually designed to stand alone as a lightweight gallery solution but various functionality can be added via extensions.

This plugin comes with six gallery templates, albums, lazy loading, and a fairly simple interface. For lightbox functionality, you can install FooBox which also comes with social sharing.

FooGallery comes in both Free and Pro Versions. When comparing and testing the free versions of various plugins I was really fond of this one.


Meow Gallery (+ Gutenberg Gallery Block) + Meow LightBox

>3000 Active Installs

I really like these plugins for their simplicity and lightweight beautiful galleries. It works really well with the standard default galleries as it is built to use the native WordPress Media Library. This means it works naturally with WordPress without imposing a completely new system. If one day you decide to disable or stop using the plugin, your galleries will still show, just not with the styling provided by Meow Gallery.

This plugin is made by the same creators of WP/LR sync so you know Meow Gallery, Meow LightBox and WP/LR sync are all going to play nice together.

Meow Gallery is Free but does have a Pro Version.



>50,000 Active Installs

If lots of customization is your thing then you need to look at a plugin option like Modula. 12 built-in hover effects, 6 different lightbox styles, and custom sizing all make Modula a great option for those looking for flexibility.

My favorite feature here is the ability to alter the size and look of your gallery. Want one image to stand out amongst the rest? No problem, just make it bigger. Don’t like the way that the image was cropped? No big deal, just adjust until the image appears the way you intended.

Modula comes in both free and pro versions.


Image Gallery by Robo

>40,000 Active Installs

Robo Gallery currently has over 40,000 active installs and is a great option for those looking for a simple yet very customizable gallery solution.

Some key features include a Gutenberg block, batch image uploads, Polaroid gallery, social sharing, multi-categories and more, really too much to list here. The free version really comes with a lot of features so definitely give it a try.

Image Gallery by Robo comes in both free and pro versions.


Portfolio Gallery – Image Gallery WordPress Plugin

>10,000 Active Installs

What makes this Gallery option unique is the way they utilize a separate category page and filters. The galleries are fully responsive and really clean looking. Features include customizable filters, lightbox, image numbering, image titles/labels/captions, grayscale effect, masonry, etc.

The Pro Option gives you unlimited filters, unlimited filter colors, 30 hover effects, different lightbox pop up styles among many other great features.

Portfolio Gallery comes in both Free and Pro Versions.


Portfolio Designer Lite

>200 Active Installs

This plugin has very few active installs but I’m not sure that number includes the users using the pro version. My gut tells me that your only going to use this one if you are willing to pay up for the pro features.

The lite version of this plugin is fully responsive and comes with 2 default portfolio layouts, 4 different content positions and 18 hover effects as well as some basic customization options. The pro version offers you much more with 3 default portfolio layouts and over 50 option combinations. Layouts include grid, masonry, justify, and slider with up to 6 columns.

I’m not going to list all the pro features but the Demo below will give you a better idea. Just realize, this is the demo for the pro version.


Portfolio Gallery + Selling Options

Easy Digital Downloads

>60,000 Active Installs

If you want to create a stock photography website where you can sell your photos as digital downloads then this is your plugin. You could even go as far as to let others sell on your site with the EDD Pass extension.

The premium WordPress theme “Stocky” integrates with Easy Digital Downloads to create the perfect photography marketplace theme. You can view that Demo below.


Envira Gallery + WooCommerce

>100,000 Active Installs

Envira Gallery is another popular option with WordPress users. Like FooGallery, it has over 100,000 active installations. I really like this plugin. It’s simple to use yet highly customizable providing you with fully responsive beautiful galleries.

This plugin is well documented, offers great support and is updated regularly. Envira Gallery has many Addon Features spanning four different price points including Basic, Plus, Pro and Agency.


Envira Gallery has a Free Lite version but when you upgrade to Pro $99.00 you can take advantage of the WooCommerce addon. This Addon will allow you to sell your photos.

GridKit Portfolio Gallery

>10,000 Active Installs

GridKit Portfolio has over 10,000 active installs and is another option to consider when building your portfolio. It’s easy to install, has a ton of features and customization and a solid support system. Definitely give this one a chance.

Free features include mobile-friendly Portfolio, Gallery, Client, Sponsors and Team member layouts, image slider, eCommerce product catalog, gallery image popup, 1 grid style, and short-code support.

Premium features include additional styling options, video support, hover effects, category filters, pagination, lazy loading, social sharing and much more.


Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid

>30,000 Active Installs

Final Tiles Grid checks in on our list with over 30,000 active installs. This plugin bills itself as an all in one Image Gallery + Photo Gallery + Portfolio Gallery + Tiled Gallery.

The main concept behind Final Tiles Grid is to keep the original aspect ratio across all your images if possible. I really like this and I know you will too because I know we both hate it when a photograph gets cropped in a way that detracts from the original composition.

The free version is a complete experience with 2 fully responsive layouts, adjustable margins, lightbox, social sharing, and video gallery. It’s pretty easy to use and you can literally have a live gallery up and running in no time. It looks good too.

The premium version gives you even more with filters, categories, WooCommerce support, recent post/custom post galleries and a slew of optional effects. Check it out!



>900,000 Active Installs

Update: Since writing this NextGen PRO has released print lab integration with WHCC. That’s huge, that’s my favorite print house!  Is NextGen PRO the Best WordPress Plugin for Photographers? See update below.

If you want the staple of WordPress Gallery Plugins then this is it. At over 900,000 active installations you are certain to be in good company. NextGen is aiming to be the default solution for photographers and is really trying.

In the paid NextGEN Gallery Pro version you will find the stuff most photographers are looking for including proofing, eCommerce, digital downloads, Lightroom Integration, and print lab integration (umm, well kind of…actually not yet!)

Even though print lab integration is listed as a feature in one of the below promo videos it is currently not offered. That’s kind of weird. Still, I do think they will be the first to offer this for WordPress users.

Even now, a lot of Photographers who have a blog are using WordPress but many are also employing another solution like Smugmug or Photoshelter for proofing and print sales.

Some go as far as to try to integrate the two separate websites as much as possible. They go to great lengths trying to create identical-looking themes that appear to offer clients a seamless experience across one website.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the power of WordPress and the convenience of print lab integration all on one platform? I think so! Let’s hope this rolls out soon and the plugin lives up to the promo video.

Latest inquiries suggest they are already testing a plugin version with the entire team and so far it is performing well. The public beta is expected sometime in Autumn of 2019.

Now, on the other hand, if all this stuff sounds like too much and you’re just looking for a nice gallery plugin to display your images then maybe this isn’t your plugin. This plugin has a lot of features, upgrades and configurable options that naturally add a level of complexity.

NextGEN Gallery is free but the feature-rich versions have variable pricing.


Photo Gallery by 10Web

>300,000 Active Installs

Photo Gallery by 10Web is the second most active installation in our list with over 300,000 active installs. This plugin bills itself as a Mobile-Friendly Image gallery and I have to say they do a great job. Still, these days most image gallery plugins have learned they have to be responsive to compete so what else can it do?

For starters, it has both audio and video support, albums, a solid lightbox that can support social sharing, multiple widgets, watermarking, right-click protection, custom themes and a number of addons.

Addons will offer you the ability to sell your work, display your facebook albums and even import/export albums across WordPress websites.

Photo Gallery by 10Web comes in both Free and Premium Versions for the best features.


Photo Video Store

>200 Active Installs

I downloaded this plugin and messed around with it for a little bit but I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about it. It just looks interesting and that’s why I’m including it on the list. Understand, it only has 200 active installs and few reviews but it is fairly new.

From what I gather you can use this plugin to create an online stock photography store. Beyond selling digital files and prints, apparently you can sell T-Shirts, iPhone cases, posters, etc. Users can even upload their own images to get prints made.

Gee golly, that would mean it has print lab integration right? Well, according to the plugin features page it has the following integrated prints services: Pwinty, Fotomoto, and Printful.  I’m not familiar with any of these services but hey, it’s something.

Additional features include a system for subscriptions, coupons, and support tickets as well as royalty-free and rights-managed files.

There is a lot here to digest and after downloading it, my initial impression is that it’s really going to take some time to figure things out, good and bad.

Photo Video Store comes in both Free and Paid Versions.


Sunshine Photo Cart

>2000 Active Installs

Sunshine Photo Cart checks in with just over 2000 active installs and while significantly lower than some of the competition I think it looks really promising.

The free version is fully functional and includes a cart and payment system, unlimited galleries, easy theme integration, image upload via FTP, password-protected galleries, gallery end dates, sub-galleries, favorites, social sharing, watermarking, multiple shipping methods, order management, and printable invoices.

That’s really a lot of functionality to get your feet wet but the pro version is going to up your game with masonry displays, lightbox, analytics, digital downloads, price levels, packages, product options, discount codes, automated email marketing, client messaging, minimum order, MailChimp integration, additional payment options, tiered pricing, and price lists.

Phew, now you can clearly see that this plugin is speaking all the right language. Someone consulted a photographer or something when building this plugin. Now, does it live up to the language?

I honestly don’t know, the reviews are good minus a time where support seemed to be lacking but that seems to have been corrected.

One thing to note, this plugin, like NextGEN Gallery mentions print lab integration in their promo video but it’s not in the end product. I think these videos need to be made with what’s currently available and not what they hope to achieve.

At the very least make a “features coming soon” or something like that as it’s misleading as it currently stands.

Latest inquiries suggest that “Print Lab Integration” has been completely abandoned for this plugin. I was told by the developer that it was planned but the print labs are very protective and won’t let independent photographers connect to their print lab systems.

As it stands, Sunshine users will manually process the print orders they receive. I am totally fine with that as I like to review my orders before the client does but this is something you will have to decide for yourself.

Sunshine Photo Cart comes in both free and pro versions.

DEMO – Really cool, this is a fully functional demo WordPress site with Sunshine and all its add-ons.

WooCommerce Photography

Sales and Active Install Data NA – Plugin Extension

This plugin is an extension of the popular WordPress eCommerce platform, Woocommerce which has over 4 million active installs. I don’t know how many people are using the actual extension. It was released in December of 2014 and surprising, I couldn’t find a whole lot of information about it.

It doesn’t seem they took the time to market it very well. Even the product sales page shows a gallery of T-shirts instead of a beautiful wedding gallery or something. How is one to imagine what this plugin can do for them?

Worse, no photographer wants their image gallery to look like an online store catalog! I truly feel they didn’t actually consult a photographer at all when building this plugin and it’s really a shame.

It’s on the right path with bulk uploading to collections, private customer viewing, and purchasing experience but there is a lot to be desired. For example, can you include variable pricing for different print sizes? What if I have variations of the same photo?

I’m just starting to scratch the surface here! Now, I know Woocommerce has something called variable products. So maybe you could create these variable pricing options using this feature. I’m unclear though so again, better marketing aimed at photographers would really help.

This plugin is going to cost you $79.00 dollars for a single site license. But how serious are they at meeting the needs of photographers? I would hope, more serious than they are at marketing to us.

Bottom line: Woocommerce is a great solution for eCommerce but I’m not sure this Photography extension is done yet. I hope not because I still feel it could be the solution photographers are looking for.

WordPress Photo Seller Plugin

Sales and Active Install Data NA – Commercial Plugin

You will have to test this one using the Demo as there is no Free Version, as such it’s also not in the WordPress plugin repository. The Demo, however, looks promising. I suggest toying around with the demo to see if it meets your needs.

Features include easy installation, print sales with variable pricing options, digital download sales, auto watermarks, image zoom, PayPal, photo gallery management, photo albums, price lists, password-protected galleries, image copy protection, orders menu, image search, discount coupons and more.


Scheduling and Booking

Booking Calendar

>50,000 Active Installs

Let your clients select days in a calendar, fill out the booking form fields and then book their own appointment based on your availability. This plugin has been around since 2009 and has a lot of different price points based on the features you need.

Booking Calendar comes in both free and paid versions.


>20,000 Active Installs

Bookly is another option when it comes to accepting online bookings. I want to be clear though, as with most of these booking solutions you are really limited with the free version of the software. You may quickly find that you need to upgrade in order to accomplish your goals.

Bookly comes in both free and paid versions.

EDD Bookings

Sales and Active Install Data NA – Commercial Plugin

EDD Bookings is a third party extension to a plugin mentioned earlier, Easy Digital Downloads. This extension allows one to sell services with EDD. You simply configure your services, scheduling availability and visitors can use the online form to book appointments.

EDD Bookings is a Paid Extension.

Events Manager

>100,000 Active Installs

Everyone’s needs are different and maybe you plan to run some promotional events or something. Whatever the case, this plugin will help you set up events, event registration, etc.

This basics plugin is Free but if you want more features and the ability to take payments online you will need to Go Pro.

Sprout Invoices

>2000 Active Installs

If you are looking for a way to create professional-looking estimates and invoices for your clients then you should check out Sprout Invoices.

The free version allows you to create and send unlimited estimates, accept payments, etc. The paid Pro version includes additional features like recurring/subscription payments, additional payment gateways, client dashboard, WooCommerce Integration and more.

Sprout Invoices comes in both, Free and Pro versions.

Start Booking

Sales and Active Install Data NA – Commercial Plugin

Start Booking, as the name implies is another appointment scheduling plugin. The goal is to help you easily manage your online bookings and appointments. This way you can focus your attention and time on your photography while still successfully handling the business side.

Start Booking is a Paid Plugin, no Free version.


Yoast SEO

> 5+ Million Active Installs

Yoast is easily the most popular and #1 WordPress SEO Plugin. This is one of your Core Plugins. Yoast will help you write content that ranks higher in search engines. It doesn’t use magic however. It just helps guide you. You still need to put in the work!

Yoast SEO comes in both Free and Pro Versions.

Social Media

Custom Feeds for Instagram

>800,000 Active Installs

If you want to display your Instagram posts on your website then this is a pretty standard go-to solution. It’s really simple to set up and the free version is completely useable. If you want more features you can upgrade to pro.

Custom Feeds for Instagram comes in both Free and Pro Versions.

Next Post: Choosing a WordPress Theme for Photographers

What do you think the best WordPress Plugins for Photographers are?

Use the comments below and tell us about them!

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