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If you are looking for details about this project, the experience, and the nights itinerary, please see The Glitch Dreams Rave Introduction. Note: This is an ART first event with a focus on connecting your art/photography or NFT collection to this experience via a unique story and card collection.

Quick Breakdown – What to do Next?

Finish reading the story below and see how the art of previous collectors/artists has helped shape the story.

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Intro.. in case you missed it.

You are up late in the hands of your television, heavily entrenched in the thralls of boredom. Click, Click, nothing on, nothing good anyway. Why the hell did I drink that coffee so late you think to yourself. It sounded good at the time.

You’re just about to get up and grab some water when the TV emits a startling high pitch screech sending your body into a state of alarm. The picture on the television starts to glitch and you see an image of a party with dancing, vivid lights, and strange people. The fine hairs on the back of your neck stand up as a heavy blanket of static electricity washes over you. Then everything returns to normal.

You finally find sleep but your dreams are plagued by flashing lights, chaotic dancing, and the thumping of loud music. When you awaken, you find yourself lying on your kitchen floor, the morning sun beckoning you alive.

It all felt so real, was it? The night, the people, the taste of sweat and the brush of raging bodies against yours. Did it really happen?

You look down and, in your hand, you’re still clenching some type of card. When you flip it over, electricity shoots up your arm and you are immediately transferred back to a moment during the night.


You turn over the card in your hand and feel a surge of energy rush up your arm. You immediately have a vivid flashback from the previous night.

In the memory, you’re standing in a large old industrial building with a partially open ceiling where the rain is entering. It’s dark but equally alive with energy and light. A few feet from you, a man spins fire as a woman passes on tall stilts.

The ground shakes with the sound of music. You can feel the beat, heavy, but also for some reason, muffled, as if you are underwater. People are shouting and laughing all around you having a good time.

Maybe you were too, you think to yourself as your eyes catch sight of what appears to be a flyer littering the ground. You bend down to pick it up, and upon further inspection, realize it’s a playing card of sorts.

The card is printed with a peculiar face image and has some text underneath.

Before you can even begin to make out what it says, an odd fellow dressed like a wizard is suddenly yelling in your ear. He too sounds muffled, but you can still make him out.

“No way, I can’t believe you found one!” he shouts over the loud music. “Just be careful,” he continues. “I wouldn’t keep it in your wallet for too long!” [Character Introduction: Wizard: Open]

“My wallet”, you think to yourself. What the hell is he talking about? You just nod your head in agreement as he pushes a drink into your hands.

“Don’t worry, good fortune always finds those who share the experience.”

“The experience,” a voice opposite your shoulder interrupts. “Ha, at the expense of who’s fortune?”

You turn to see a girl dressed like a mushroom standing before you. [Character Introduction: Mushroom Girl: @basicsitch]

Her eyes lock with yours, and then leaning toward you, she abruptly starts to glitch. Suddenly she’s in your ear.

“The wizard wants your card, he’s been trying to collect them all and lock them away for years,” she whispers. “Keep the card, keep your memories.”

“Excuse me, still here,” you hear the wizard behind you interject.

The girl dressed like a mushroom exuberantly pushes you back, “Now then, tell me, do you know the Glitch Queen?” she asks. “She is your true threat.”

Then playfully grabbing at the air she produces a small colorful mushroom before your eyes.

In this same moment, the music spontaneously erupts all around you as if you had just pulled your fingers from your ears. It’s an immediate assault on the senses and then all at once, you’re back on your kitchen floor.

Character Card Introduction

Character: Mushroom Girl – @BasicSitch

Card Status: In the Making

Mushrooms and cool stories are the Mushroom Girls thing. Will you collect a mushroom from the Mushroom Girl?

You pull yourself together and up off the kitchen floor. The card, it’s gone you suddenly realize. You scour the kitchen floor with your eyes, then your hands, then the floor again. Just then, the phone rings.

You hastily pick your phone up off the kitchen counter and answer, “Hello.”

It’s your therapist.

“Good Morning, did you sleep in again or did you forget we had an appointment at 9 am?”

You glance across the room at the clock and realize it’s 9:18 am.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry, I was, I was just,” you try to find the right excuse but the “why” is quickly absolved by your doctor.

“It doesn’t matter, please go connect and we can start, we have about 40 minutes.”

“Sure,” you answer while scrambling to your computer. “I’m jumping on right now.”

It seems like the computer takes forever, a long silence settling in between the two of you. Finally, your therapist breaks it.

“I’m going to hang up now, see you in a moment,” and then she does.

When she first appears on screen, she’s a good distance from the camera seemingly going through a file cabinet. Her black slender form-fitting dress feels slightly off from her typical business attire but you quickly dismiss it.

People are doing things differently these days you muse. Everyone is working from home. People have other lives. Maybe she has plans you start to ponder and then her shape quickly advances upon the camera.

First, her legs fill the frame and then, as she goes to sit, her face.

“Good morning, are we ready to get down to business?” she says with a bright smile.

“Yes, sorry Doctor Lam. I didn’t sleep very well I guess, kinda had a rough night.”

“It’s OK,” she assures you. “We ended our last session discussing your art and a renewed passion so to speak.”

A slight cough causes her to pause for a drink of water before continuing.

“You said it felt like you were emerging out of the darkness and into the light. That’s good, tell me more about that.”

Location Card Introduction

Location? The Dark Recess of one’s mind where ruminating thoughts linger. Inspired by @AnnyMauss collection.

Card Status: In the Making

Anny Mauss goes by Vee on Twitter. She is an extremely talented artist/photographer and builder/helper in the community. I can’t wait to work on a card inspired by her collection, Out of the Darkness into the Light.


“Well, it had been a while since I really created anything,” you begin. “I used to paint a lot, mostly abstract stuff. Faces I guess but I quit everything for a while.”

“So, what brought you back to your art?”

“Well, I was going on hikes with my friend,” you answer. “She said I need to stop ruminating in my thoughts, get into nature, exercise, you know, that kind of thing.”

“Your friend sounds smart.”

“Yeah, well, that’s when she told me about something called NFTs,” you start to explain. “She said I should try it, that it was like a new avenue for artists to market and sell their work outside traditional paths.”

“I see, I think I heard something about that,” Dr. Lam replies. “Some pretty big sales, lot’s of money to be made.”

“Well, yeah,” you respond. “Definitely some big sales but it’s not really the norm. I’ve only made a few sales for a couple of hundred dollars,” you explain. “Still though, it’s been helpful in other ways. I’ve met some really great people.”

“That’s good, sounds like you are finding your community.”

“Yes, community,” you confirm. “Plus, making a sale, even if it’s small, just feels good, gives you some extra ambition.”

“For sure, validation, hard work paying off,” Dr. Lam agrees. “I actually looked at some of your work,” she continues. “I love the pallet of colors you use, so much expression.”

“Wow, thank you, I didn’t realize you have seen any of my work.”

“Well, it’s my job to do the research so to speak,” she answers with a smile.

“Yeah, I get it. I guess I put all my social profiles on that questionnaire,” you reply. “I’ve been working on a new collection the last couple days, something a little more…”

“What about the book?” she interrupts.

“Book, what book?” you respond, completely oblivious to the reference.

“You know the book,” the doctor presses. “The one on the floor at the end of the hall?”

You turn around as if to scout the location around you for a book, maybe down a hall except you are in your bedroom. There is no hallway.

“I don’t remember mentioning a book,” you answer turning back to the computer and to a very new Dr. Lam sitting before you. In a matter of seconds, her appearance had changed drastically, and startlingly so.

Her face was now heavily painted with colorful makeup, her lipstick caked on profusely and fixed to her teeth and smile. Even her eyes seemed to be of a new yellow unearthly color.

“Oh come, stop playing games, you know I’m talking about the book you were reading at the bar that night! What’s it called,” she pauses for a moment before continuing. “Oh yeah, Self-Made Millionaire by Peter Völk.”

You try to process the information but it’s hard to think past her alarming change. Even her dress and hair are now a disheveled mess.

“The bar,” you question as an uncomfortable feeling washes over you. “What’s happening,” you hear yourself whisper.

“Remember, you told me that we all have to do our own research if we wish to restore order to the universe,” she continues. “Our Universe!”

You then watch her slip one arm through the shoulder of her dress. Perhaps an attempt to restore order to herself you think. Then, the next arm follows and suddenly she’s slipping her dress down off her shoulders.

“Sex sells,” she continues. “It’s as true as the sun, the stars, and the moon.” She then stands up, her dress falling down to her hips where she continues to help it along until it’s on the floor.

“So, we going to Ape in or what?” she asks flirtatiously.

Just then the screen flickers and starts to glitch. When the image returns, Dr. Lam is sitting at her desk, fully clothed. Even her face is normal again except for the concerned expression.

“Are you alright?” she inquires, and through the reverberation in her voice, it becomes evident that this isn’t her first inquiry.

You reassure her that you’re okay, yet her worry remains apparent.

“What about the dreams,” she probes, “Are those recurring dreams still haunting you?”

After recomposing yourself, you nod in agreement. “Occasionally,” you acknowledge. “I mean, sometimes they are not reoccurring I guess, but they feel real and somehow connected. Like maybe, they are different parts of the same story.”

You watch Dr. Lam write something down in her notebook and then start to fumble through her desk drawer as if looking for something.

“We have been doing phone counseling sessions for a little while now,” she begins. “But, I think I would like you to try a group session. I’m going to send you some information to your email,” she continues. “Please take a look at it. I think it might really benefit you.”

The rest of the session continues and ends before you know it. As you close down the computer and exit into the hall, your eyes immediately catch sight of something strange. It’s a book, on the floor, at the end of the hall.

Cautiously you approach the book and pick it up. There’s something peculiar about holding it in your hands, something very familiar. You run your fingers over the cover and read the title aloud, “Self-Made Millionaire, by DJ and Author, Peter Völk.

Lost and Found Card Introduction

Lost and Found: Self Made Millionaire Book by Peter Völk

Card Status: In the Making

I must say, Peter is an Enigma to me. He came out of nowhere and collected what appears to be his only NFT, Stereo Trance on ConibaseNFT. His last Twitter post before announcing the purchase was years ago. The only thing on his Coinbase profile was “Selfmade Millionaire” and so I went with it. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter if you are an artist, collector, or completely anonymous, I will find a way to fit you into the story!

You stand there, staring at the book in your hands, feeling a strange sense of déjà vu wash over you. The words on the cover seem to pulsate with an otherworldly energy, as if they hold a secret waiting to be unlocked.

The cover art depicts a vivid scene of a rave, with colorful lights, dancing figures, and the enigmatic DJ Peter Völk at the center, his presence electrifying.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to unravel the mystery, you open the book and begin flipping through its pages. The words seem to leap off the page, forming a symphony of colors and shapes that dance before your eyes.

At first, its sensory overload, overwhelming even, but as you read on you become entranced, captive by the author’s words. Peter Völk weaves a tale of ambition, greed, and the pursuit of wealth.

The protagonist, a struggling artist much like yourself, stumbles upon a hidden world where reality blurs with fantasy. The characters in the story are reminiscent of the ones you encountered, their actions mirroring the events that unfolded in your own dream.

As you delve deeper into the book, you come across a passage that catches your attention. It speaks of a legendary set of NFT cards known as the Glitch Dreams Rave collection. Each card representing a unique moment, a fragment of a glitched reality captured within its digital confines.

According to the book, if one was able to collect the entire set of such cards, he or she would gain access to an unimaginable power—the power to shape and manipulate the very fabric of the digital realm.

Lost in a magical tale of good vs evil around the mysterious cards, the early morning fades into afternoon, and then evening again.

Everything was starting to come together—the glitching television, the card that whisked you away to another time, the enigmatic individuals you’ve crossed paths with, and now, this book. It’s as if they were all interconnected, pieces of a puzzle yet to be solved.

The card you held earlier, the one that vanished, must be one of these Glitch Dreams Rave cards, you derive. The wizard’s warning, Mushroom Girl’s cryptic message, although still vague, some of it was starting to make sense.

The cards hold immense value and power. That power must be safeguarded from those who would wield it for their own nefarious purpose.

You pull yourself up off the hallway floor realizing you had been there since morning. Still, you couldn’t pull your mind away from all the questions. Mostly, how are the cards connected to you?

You sit down at your computer, deep in thought about the book and the card. The NFT community, the art you’ve been creating, and the connections you’ve made, all seem to be intertwined to this mysterious story. Maybe there’s a hidden depth to the NFT space that goes beyond what meets the eye.

With a determined look in your eyes, you decide to go down the rabbit hole. You open your laptop and start researching the Glitch Dreams Rave, Peter Völk, and the significance of these cards.

As you dig deeper, you discover a hidden network of collectors, artists, and enthusiasts all connected by their love for glitch art and NFTs. It was possible that the answers lie within the world of NFTs, where artists and collectors converge.

Days turn into nights as you immerse yourself in your research around the NFT community. You read the book again, and again, while engaging with artists and collectors in the space.

You attend virtual exhibitions, participate in auctions, and join Discord communities, all in pursuit of information about the Glitch Dreams Rave.

The glitches in your dreams become more frequent, more vivid, as if they are beckoning you to follow their lead. You encounter the Mushroom Girl again, this time not as a glitch but as a guiding presence, urging you to embrace the power within you.

One day while browsing the OpenSea marketplace searching for “Glitch Dream” references you stumble upon the Shroom Stories collection, a whimsical series of mushroom-themed art.

Remembering the Mushroom Girl’s words, you decide to collect one of these mushrooms, hoping it will lead you closer to the Glitch Dreams Rave and its missing cards. You purchase a colorful mushroom NFT and feel a surge of excitement, as if you’ve taken a step closer to uncovering the truth.

That very night your dreams take a surreal turn. In the dream, Mushroom Girl is offering you the colorful mushroom once again, and this time you accept.

Hesitant yet exhilarated, you take a bite of the mushroom, and instantly, the world around you transforms. Colors explode into a kaleidoscope of patterns, blending and shifting with every movement.

Sounds morph into ethereal melodies that resonate deep within your soul. You float through a multidimensional tapestry, experiencing the metaverse in a completely new light where time is fluid, stretching and compressing, as you journey through layers of reality.

You encounter celestial beings, ancient civilizations, and breathtaking landscapes that defy the laws of physics. Insights flood your consciousness, as the interconnectedness of art, technology, and human expression reveal itself in a cosmic dance.

As you continue your journey, a curious sensation pulls you towards a dark recess within your mind. Intrigued, you follow the beckoning call, your consciousness merging with the ethereal realm of your inner thoughts.

Within the hidden realm, you stumble upon a familiar and remarkable artwork that captivates your gaze. It is none other than “Destiny” from the renowned “Out of Darkness into the Light” collection by the talented artist @AnnyMauss. The artwork materializes before you, its intricate details beckoning you forward.

The depiction of “Destiny” reveals a slumped statue of earth and rock, its form slightly twisted amidst the engulfing darkness. A profound contrast emerges as the statue’s elongated shadow transforms into a radiant beam of light, piercing through the surrounding gloom.

In this artistic portrayal, the statue’s posture signifies resilience and determination despite the challenging circumstances. The luminous ray emanating from its shadow embodies hope, suggesting that even in the darkest of times, there exists a guiding light to illuminate the way forward.

Within this light you feel connected to it all—the painting, every being, and every experience—simultaneously and profoundly.

Within this connection, a crucial realization about the Glitch Dreams Rave emerges. The uniqueness of each card becomes evident, and as they intertwine, they form a complete narrative, a story that transcends time and reality.

Amidst the revelations, whispers of an ancient wizard’s tale echo through your mind. Legends spoke of a powerful sorcerer who had discovered the extraordinary potential of these cards.

Fearing the malevolent forces that sought to exploit their magic, the wizard safeguarded as many cards as he could find within a protected NFT collection.

In his wisdom, he devised a cryptic lock, ensuring that only the true owner, a destined collector of the glitched memories, could unlock their hidden power and set them free.

Whereas the wizard would have been content to lock the cards away in a secure vault, never to be exposed to the world, Mushroom Girl possessed a different purpose.

Her mission was to reunite these glitched memories with their rightful owners, recognizing the profound significance of a memory lost in the depths of time.

With deep empathy and understanding, she embarked on a quest to restore the fragmented stories and bring solace to those whose memories had been scattered and forgotten.

With this newfound understanding, the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, weaving a web of destiny that connects your journey with the secrets of the Glitch Dreams Rave. It becomes clear that you are not merely a bystander in this unfolding saga but an integral part of its grand design.

Just as you thought the precise nature of your role was about to be revealed, you are abruptly engulfed by a swirling abyss.

Plummeting at an ever-increasing speed through the depths of a black void, you find yourself hurtling outside the confines of your computer screen, landing back onto your chair. Or, at least, that’s the surreal sensation that seemed to unfold before your very senses.

The computer screen is completely black but as you attempt to orient yourself, a sudden message pops up, illuminating the screen. It’s from an anonymous user who goes by the name “DreamWeaver.” They claim to possess information about the whereabouts of a Glitch Dreams Rave card. Not just any card though, your card.

But what did it mean, that mention of “your card”? Could it be a sign of a lost memory trapped in the vastness of time? And if so, what memory could it be? Did you attend the mysterious Glitch Dreams Rave, causing these recurring dreams that refuse to fade?

Intrigued and cautiously hopeful for more answers, you arrange to meet DreamWeaver in a secluded virtual space, and as you step into the realm, reality warps around you.

The once-familiar environment transforms into a surreal dreamscape, where floating islands and luminous flora coexist. Whispers of hidden secrets ride on a gentle breeze, amplifying the enigma of this ethereal realm.

DreamWeaver reveals themselves as a spectral figure, entrusted with safeguarding the Glitch Dreams Rave cards from falling into the wrong hands. They disclose the true nature of the Glitch Queen, the enigmatic being referenced by the Mushroom Girl. This nefarious entity seeks to exploit the cards’ power for her own dark purpose.

In a chilling revelation, DreamWeaver informs you that your Glitch Dreams Rave card is concealed within an upcoming art auction happening today.

However, they caution you about the imminent danger that surrounds it. The Glitch Queen has infiltrated the auction, plotting to claim the card and assert her dominion over the digital realm and your mind.

Fueled by unwavering resolve, you vow to protect the card from her grasp, yearning not only to safeguard it but also to reclaim your own mental wellbeing.

DreamWeaver grants you a unique digital sigil, a symbol that temporarily shields you from the influence of the Glitch Queen.

Armed with the protective sigil, you venture into the art auction, navigating a labyrinth of stunning digital masterpieces. Tension builds as the bidding escalates, pitting you against cunning collectors vying for the coveted card.

As the auction nears its climax, the screen reveals the Glitch Dreams Rave card, the ultimate prize. Bids skyrocket, and your heart pounds with anticipation. With unwavering focus and the sigil’s power pulsing through you, you engage in a fierce mental duel with rival bidders.

Yet, as the critical moment unfolds, anxiety takes root, causing your hands to tremble uncontrollably, rendering you unable to input your passwords correctly.

With calculated precision, the Glitch Queen ruthlessly derails your bid, her wicked gaze fixated on your faltering fingers as the coveted card eludes you.

“Your soul and memories belong to me,” she screams with ominous certainty. Her voice, the embodiment of unrestrained glitches and malevolence reverberates through the depths of your soul.

The weight of her declaration settles like an inescapable shroud, fueling the fire of determination within you to break free from her sinister clutches. As the surge of fear engulfs you, you suddenly awaken.

Confusion clouds your mind as you find yourself lying on the cold hallway floor. Somehow, the open book had become an improvised pillow, its pages slightly crumpled beneath the weight of your head.

The dream, though vivid and haunting, dissipates like mist, leaving you uncertain. It seems to have been nothing more than a dream, or so you believe but reality seemed to becoming less and less tangible.

Just then, the phone rings. You hastily pick your phone up off the kitchen counter and answer, “Hello.”

It’s your therapist.

“Good Morning, did you sleep in again or did you forget we had an appointment at 9 am?”

You glance across the room at the clock and realize it’s 9:18 am.

“Oh my god, sorry about that,” you start but are quickly interrupted.

“Relax, I’m just giving you a hard time,” Dr. Lam chuckles. “We don’t have a session today. I’m calling to see if you looked at the email I sent a couple days ago about the group counseling session.”

“Oh right,” you reply. “Ah, not yet but I plan to.”

“Do it this morning OK, there is actually a session tomorrow morning. I would really like you to go. I think it’s important,” Dr Lam responds firmly.

You agree and as the next morning comes you find yourself digging out the email, writing down the address and stepping out into the rain.

The address provided leads you to a nondescript dilapidated building painted in shades of green and red, with the entrance located at the rear. You enter cautiously, not knowing what to expect.

Inside, you find a dimly lit room filled with people seated in a circle. They greet you in unison, their voices overlapping as they say, “Good morning.”

Taking a seat beside a fatigued woman with disheveled hair, you notice a faint smile gracing her face as she kindly greets you once more, bidding you a good morning.

You reciprocate the gesture, and as the casual conversation fades away among the individuals present, a man who exudes an air of leadership emerges from a nearby room. With an infectious energy, he warmly extends another enthusiastic good morning to everyone present.

Again, everyone reciprocates the warm greeting and then the session starts. Each individual takes their turn, offering a glimpse into their personal experiences, dreams, and existential questions.

The room becomes alive with stories of glitched moments, vivid visions, and the intriguing convergence of the physical and virtual realms. It feels as though they have collectively entered a shared domain of uncertainty, where the boundaries of reality blur and endless possibilities unfold.

The group leader, a charismatic figure named Lumina, shares his own fascination with the Glitch Dreams Rave and reveals that they have been investigating its origins and meaning for years. They believe that the rave holds a profound significance to everyone present at the meeting.

Lumina invites each member of the group to share their personal encounters and experiences related to the Glitch Dreams Rave. As the stories unfold, you find common threads and shared symbols, solidifying your belief that there’s more to this phenomenon than meets the eye.

One participant shares a vivid dream they had, where they found themselves dancing among glitched visuals and pulsating lights, feeling an overwhelming sense of unity and liberation.

Another recounts stumbling upon an NFT artwork that seemed ordinary at first but revealed hidden layers when viewed under specific conditions, hinting at a hidden realm.

Inspired by these revelations, you decide to share your own experiences and discoveries—the mysterious Mushroom Girl, the fragmented message, and the quest for the Glitch Dreams Rave cards. The group listens intently; intrigued by the puzzle pieces you’ve collected along the way.

Lumina, genuinely impressed by the group’s engaging dialogue, feels compelled to share a significant revelation. With a sense of anticipation, Lumina unveils a card they possess, obtained from the renowned Glitch Dreams Rave.

“Behold,” Lumina begins with a touch of excitement, reaching into his jacket and producing the extraordinary card.

As he reveals the vibrant artifact, depicting an otherworldly gate materializing beneath a pier at the ocean’s edge, everyone leans in closer, captivated by its allure. “This card possesses immense rarity and power, believed to hold the key for unlocking the true potential of the rave.”

However, in an instant, the moment glitches, unsettling the atmosphere and sending an eerie sensation coursing through your veins. The realization strikes, spreading rapidly among the group, that something is awry.

Lumina, driven by a sense of urgency, hurriedly attempts to return the card to the safety of his jacket pocket. But fate has a mischievous twist in store.

Lumina’s fingers betray him, causing the card to slip from his grasp. With a soft flutter, it tumbles through the air, landing gracefully on the floor. The group’s collective gaze shifts downward, their focus drawn to the fallen artifact, now lying vulnerable before them.

A renewed sense of unease permeates the air as Lumina’s voice quivers with a mix of concern and determination. “The Glitch Queen has arrived,” he announces, his words laced with a hint of trepidation. The gravity of the situation intensifies, knowing that the Glitch Queen’s presence could exacerbate the already turbulent glitches within their reality.

As the glitches persist, the fabric of reality further unravels, trapping the group in an endless loop of repetitive “good morning” exchanges. Confusion and frustration mingle on their faces, mirroring the shared awareness that they are ensnared in a time loop.

In this disorienting state, Lumina’s voice resonates telepathically, cutting through the distorted repetition, and cascading through the corridors of your mind and those of the entire group.

“Listen carefully, everyone,” Lumina’s voice resounds, carrying a mix of urgency and determination. “We are trapped in a time loop, and the only means of escape lies in restoring the fragmented memories from the Glitch Dream Rave to their rightful owners.”

Then Lumina goes on to reveal a crucial revelation. Among them, there is someone who possesses the ability to harness the power within the spectral gate card that now lies on the floor. They must focus on it, tap into its latent power, and utilize it to transport themselves into the very heart of the Glitch Dream Rave.

Inside this surreal realm, the cards still hold the essence of the moments they represent, awaiting their reunion with the ones who genuinely experienced them.

However, as Lumina’s telepathic warning resonates in your mind, you notice a troubling sight. The once vibrant expressions of the group now bear a blank, vacant stare, as if trapped in a perpetual haze. The repetitive echoes of “good morning” continue, their voices hollow and devoid of true presence.

A surge of uncertainty floods your being, leaving you uncertain if you can even muster the words to speak but in a surprising display of mental liberation, your voice emerges.

“Is this really a new morning?” you cautiously inquire, bravely breaking free from the suffocating repetition and casting your doubts. The collective silence of the group hangs in the air, their gaze shifting towards you, their own doubts mirroring yours.

Lumina, with a knowing smile, responds, “In this space, morning is not just a time of day. It’s a state of being. Each moment holds the potential for a new beginning, an exploration of realities yet undiscovered.”

“Let’s Fucking Go,” a participant of the group suddenly blurts out.

Then abruptly, their blank stares transform into a mechanical rhythm, and one by one, they resume their programmed chant of “good morning.” The hollowness in their voices returns, drowning out the brief moment of introspection.

In this disheartening moment, a surge of realization courses through your being. You understand that it falls upon your shoulders to break free from this bewildering loop. It is you who must grasp the power of the card, harness its energy, and undertake the journey into the heart of the Glitch Dream Rave.

With unwavering resolve, you extend your hand towards the spectral gate card lying on the floor.


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