Halloween Themed NFT Photography Collection

SEASON II NOW LIVE – Collect and Hold 3 for a unique individualized tale of Survival/Death as well as a new Airdrop on October 31st

This collection is for those that enjoy all the Halloween festive fun this time of year. You can collect and own a little piece of my work in the digital form of an NFT. By doing so you support the artist/photographer and actually own a digital edition/representation of the work.

For example, a photographer might print a limited edition of 100 prints much the same he/she might release a limited digital edition (NFT) of 20 collectible prints. In both cases, you are investing in the photographer and their work. Moreover, you are doing it in a more public way as anyone can jump online and view your NFT collection.

I imagine one day we will peruse one’s NFT collection much in the same way we look at one’s Instagram page to find out who that person is. In this case, we are learning about the person via what they love and what they choose to collect.

Remember collecting baseball cards or comic books as a kid, remember that element of collectibility? NFTs will reach into every facet of your daily life and bring that back!

Owning the NFT generally gives you much the same rights as owning the physical. You can print it, hang it on your wall, post it on your website, etc. However, you can’t use it for commercial purposes and the copyright remains with the photographer.

Let’s Collect, and play a game! Yes, NFT’s allow us to sprinkle in a little fun and gamify the collector experience.

Surviving Michael Myers

It’s Halloween Night. Earlier in the day, your wagon was being chased by the headless horseman. A couple of hours later you were drinking with zombies. You’ve been all over celebrating the spooky fun night with a wide cast of characters and events but it’s time to go home.

On the bus, you notice the passenger in the seat in front of you is the man of Halloween himself, Michael Myers. You’ve filled your camera with fun photos from the night but you definitely need one more. You raise your camera to your eye and click…

The noise of the camera’s shutter seems to grab his attention and slowly he begins to turn around.

Pictured above is an Outtake, Original can be collected here: https://objkt.com/asset/KT1NPkxZdQkALRaSo7RS7Pt4J4t2ehf8h5o4/0

Did you survive the rest of the bus ride? Only the collector with 13 unique images still intact on his or her camera will live to tell the tale.

Surviving Michael Myers: You must escape the night with your camera still in your hands and 13 unique images in your collection. If you survive, you will unlock 1/1 images, and outtakes, from your camera. These will be airdropped.

The deadline to collect all 13 images is November 1st. CONTEST OVER – JUMP to Results Below

13 Original Images on Camera

Collect from OBJKT: Halloween Nights
All images are 13 editions at 1 XTZ each


Winner/Survivor and collector of all 13 images, JuliΞt Haas .eth | .tez

Continued Story/Survivor: You take the shot of Mike in the seat ahead of you but quickly find out he does not seem to like it.

He turns around, motioning at your camera, and then going to grab it. You quickly yank it away but soon find yourself in a struggle. As the two of you struggle for the camera, you can hear the shutter fire a series of images. This only seems to enrage Mike further.

Eventually, he takes control of the camera, albeit, with a slightly confused look on his face. “Look, I’ll just delete the damn image you Psycho,” you respond. “Now give me my camera back.”

Mike pays you no attention, his giant clumsy hands fumbling over the camera almost as if examining it. He accidentally fires another shot and appears amused at the image appearing on the back of the screen.

He then fires another and another until finally turning the camera on you. When he takes the photo of you, you sense something change about the moment. A freighting moment of hostility had a rather peculiar feeling of curiosity attached to it.

“Um, the gentleman dressed up like a Psycho accosting the woman with the camera,” a voice comes over the intercom as the bus comes to a stop. “You need to exit the bus now.”

You look down the aisle to where a rather gruff-looking woman has risen from the bus driver’s seat and is beckoning toward the door. “Now,” she continues.

Mike turns toward the bus driver and slowly begins to make his way toward the front of the bus where she stands waiting, arms crossed.

He stops before the bus driver and just looks at her, his towering presence suddenly stealing any further words from her mouth and leaving her speechless. Time seems to stop before he suddenly turns and exits the bus without further altercation.

“Wait, that’s my camera,” you yell and before you can think, you are chasing Michael Myers out into the cold dark night.

Scene: Survived, turns out Mike was bitten by the photography bug. You spend the night showing him some tips and tricks on the camera and believe it or not, he’s got a pretty good eye.

1/1 will be airdropped to the survivor, @JulietHaas

You capture a couple more photos to document the night. I mean who’s going to believe it! What’s more, on occasion, Michael Myers sends you photos from his photography studio. However, his clients always seem somewhat dead.

Brave Soul on the Bus that makes it because of unexpected utility @SawchukOnTwitch

Continued Story/Death or wait, no he survives: You get the shot and you were pretty discreet but just then your phone chimes in with a fancy ring tune. If it wasn’t the shutter of your camera it was the song.

Michael Myers didn’t seem to like it either and you soon find yourself in his grasp. He lifts you right out of your seat and into the air. You kick and squirm, eventually swinging your camera by the strap and knocking him square in the face but he tolerates it with ease.

It’s at this minute you realize Mike has a Tolerant Tuna patch sewing onto his coveralls, your fam! You try to let him know but you can’t speak. You give him the @garyvee 5 hand gesture but he still seems oblivious.

In a final act of desperation, you unzip your jacket revealing your VeeFriends T-shirt. Did it save your life? You’re convinced it did because a second later Michael Myers dropped you to the floor in a heap and proceeded off the bus and into the cold dark night.

Scene: Death but saved by Tolerant Tuna, utility is real! Unfortunately, your camera was not so lucky but you did manage to salvage a handful of images from the night.

Brave Soul on the Bus that didn’t make it @error1oading

Continued Story/Death: You got the shot but Mike doesn’t seem too thrilled and a commotion ensues. Once out of his seat he lunges after you.

The woman in the seat next to him begins to scream as the bus driver demands order. “Sit down sir,” you hear her call. “Michael Myers, return to your seat.” He don’t listen.

You attempt to escape towards the emergency exit and you would have made it if it wasn’t for the bus driver. She slams on the brakes and you go hurling forward down the aisle head-first into a bus rail.

The world glitches reds, blues, and greens, in and out, error loading! The last thing you recall is the blurry figure of Michael Myers looming above you.

Scene: Death, Better Luck Next Time!

Brave Soul on the Bus that didn’t make it @ewitsoe

Continued Story/Death: You take the shot of Mike in the seat before you and quietly return your camera to your side. It’s your stop.

As you’re exiting the bus, you realize Michael Myers has decided that this is his stop as well. It’s raining a slight mist, the dark damp streets glistening with the colors of nearby lights. Is this guy following me you think to yourself?

You decide to quicken your pace and the man of Halloween himself seems to do the same. Indeed, he is following me you reason, and suddenly find yourself running. You run for what seems an eternity before stopping at an alley and peeking around the corner.

At first, you don’t see him but then he appears in the streetlights, his long sharp knife dancing in the dark rain of night. This was the shot, iconic, a moment of nostalgic horror movie beauty calling to every bone in your body.

You are a photographer damn it. There was no choice. It was your duty and with that, you went for your camera. One shot after another, each image better than the last, each image, closer than the last.

Totally lost in the moment you give up your hiding spot for a better vantage point. His blade raised high is the last thing you remember as you gave everything for the ultimate shot.

Scene: Death, literally the photo opportunity was to die for.

Brave Soul on the Bus that didn’t make it @masisus

Continued Story/Death: You got the photo but Mike don’t seem to like the sound of your camera. He turns around and grabs you by your most prized possession. Yes, I’m talking about your camera!

With your camera straps in his hand, he begins to twist and twist. It’s at this perilous moment you notice the street corner outside has the most perfect light. Oddly, you try to say so but you can’t quite get the words out.

Shades of black and white, filled with the most interesting shadows occupy your mind until…a new life. Even now, 3 lives later, shades of black and white, filled with the most interesting shadows occupy your mind. It’s just your thing.

Even now, 3 lives later, the strap of your camera around your neck sort of makes you uneasy. You can’t remember why but it’s just plain uncomfortable. Perhaps a shoulder harness would be a better choice?

Scene: Death, Better Luck Next Time!