In this collection, I explore AI-generated Portraits that attempt to mimic or imitate photography. Yes, you read that right, AI Portraits straight from the bot’s mouth.

As a photographer, I wanted to create a collection of AI Portraits that challenged perception. How close could I get to photography? How close could I get to awakening the artificial soul?

OK, yes, I did engage in some light contrast edits or minor fixes. For a few of them, I employed photoshop to get the aesthetic I was after but nothing too crazy. It’s mostly just the AI and my fluffy word prompts.

This was a fun experiment for me. If you are looking for conversations regarding AI, the good, the bad, and the controversial, please see this post: AI Photography – Exploring AI-generated pictures.

Collection: ARTIFICIAL

Artificial is made up of 5 unique Series within the collection. You can find the series listed under attributes in each individual piece’s metadata.

Series: Someone Else’s Memories

This Series consists of 4 images as if captured from a life I never lived, that you never lived, or did we? If not, whose memories are these?

Series: Human Qualities

Human Qualities is a unique series within the collection focusing on the following 5 Human Qualities: Empathy, Grief, Loyalty, Passion, and Perseverance. It’s also the only series where each image comes with a unique poem.

Series: Don’t Send Me Flowers

Don’t Send Me Flowers is a series that focuses on romance turned sour. The images represent the rejected and unfaithful. Caught up in a love affair they come to seek redemption and beg for forgiveness. The poem represents the female’s response to this dead arrangement of feelings. Don’t Send Me Flowers!

Series: New Series Coming Soon!

The Garden

You may have noticed a theme, the garden. Flowers, a field, the garden. This type of imagery and wording is present throughout the collection and represents the space in which our feelings, memories, and lives play out. The Garden of Yesterday, The Garden of Plight, The Wicked Garden, etc. In which garden do you play?

This Collection is still in progress. New Updates will appear here.

Please note, this collection is still in progress. New pieces will be added, particularly to Series #4 and 5, Coming Soon!