My Rainy Reflection, Photography by @Ellifite, collected by @seeimagery and 19 others. Scratch that, I no longer own this amazing one by Rey, someone picked it up on secondary but I collected another one from her with the profits.

“My Rainy Reflection” NFT Link:
New NFT I picked up:

#black coffee, this is a exercise of writing. On occasion, mostly when I feel like it, I will highlight/source 1 piece of art I have collected on my NFT journey. The art will not necessarily be my inspiration or focus, but more a sponsor. Instead, I will just let my thoughts flow, like black coffee, raw and unstirred.

Saying bye to gm

OK, maybe not goodbye, but maybe just, “not today gm.” Maybe tomorrow, maybe just when I feel like it. I see people spending countless hours in a daily grind of gm and responding to the good mornings all the way into the night. There has to be a better way,…for me.

I’m not here to shit on good morning. It’s fun and all, but I’m slowly falling behind on all the other things I love just to keep up, and I’m not even popular. So, for me, I’m changing my morning routine. Well, at least trying.

Instead of gm

I will be engaging in some morning writing, and hopefully accomplishing some other more productive tasks. Here for instance, I highlight and source 1 piece of art/photography that I have collected on my NFT journey. It will not necessarily be my inspiration, nor my focus, more so a sponsor. Instead, I will just let my thoughts flow, freely, wherever they take me.

I would love to do this each day, but I suspect if I committed to such, I would fail. So instead, I commit to writing, but just when I feel like it. Other days, let’s hope I’m doing something equally as productive. Maybe I’m out with the camera but still thinking of you on this good fine morning.

Do you find yourself with a Rainy Reflection?

Maybe you are trying too hard to do something that isn’t all entirely you? Maybe you can hardly find yourself because you are trying to be the sum of so many other people? Maybe, your trying to live up to a set of expectations you feel has been set upon you?

Whatever it is, I bet we start to see ourselves again when we start to live for ourselves.

The plan: Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and just do what feels right, do you. Perhaps then, will we not only see ourselves, but also our greatest potential.