The Glitch Dreams Rave Introduction

Details and RoadMap


If you are looking for the story, see here: Glitch Dreams Rave Story

This is an Open Collab, Your Artistic Vision will influence the direction of this NFT Story!

By collecting a card you will claim a moment at the Glitch Dreams Rave, you were there! There are 100 Total Cards in this deck with varying degrees of rarity/editions but every card is important! Note, not all cards have been revealed yet, and some are lost, hidden, or even missing.

Card Break Down

# of Unique CardsCard TypeEditions
1Glitch Dreams Playing Card (Phase I)21
1Glitch Rave Playing Card (Phase I)21
20Core Moments Playing Card (Phase I)1
12Character Cards (Phase II)1
6Admit One – Invitation Cards (Phase I) 1
6Portal Cards (Phase II) 1
5Location Cards (Phase II) 1
5Lost and Found – Literally Stuff left at the Rave (Phase II) 1
4Lost, Hidden, or Missing Cards (Phase I & II) 1
There are 60 cards with unique faces, 58 of them are 1/1, the other 2 are 1/21. There are 100 Total Cards.

What happens when I collect a card?

As cards are collected new additions to the story are set into motion. At times, this may invoke the release of unveiled cards as well. New cards and additions to the story will be announced by @seeimagery on Twitter.

Once you have a card I will be peering deep into your art and using your artistic vision to help shape this NFT story. This can come in the form of characters, items, places, plot development, etc. Yes, you might be a character in the story!

Don’t make Art? Collector only? Anonymous? That’s OK, we can work with mysterious! Otherwise, I may use your collector’s persona or look at what you have been collecting to help influence the story.

Important: Only holders of the Phase I Core Moments 1/1 Playing cards, Lost-Missing, or Admit One VIP passes will be mentioned directly in the body of the story as either characters or other significant contributing factors. Phase II cards are the direct result of these collectors already appearing in the story.

What about the Phase I multi-edition Glitch Dreams/Glitch Rave cards? Sorry, the commonality and vagueness of such dreams elude memories. Still, they are important and all holders will have an influential role and be mentioned in the credits of the story.

Last thing, be on the look-out for Choose your Own Adventure-style group polls on Twitter that can further shape this NFT story. This is a unique form of promotion for anyone involved. Engage with these tweets to further influence the story!


Phase 1: Pre Generated Moments – Were you There?

In this Phase the story and 20 cards have been pre-generated, they are random moments or forgotten memories/dreams from the Glitch Dreams experience. Do you remember?

Action: Collectors will collect 20 rare unique 1/1 Glitch Dreams Core Moments Playing Cards – Only 20 available at .08 ETH.

1st Outcome: Each card collected will further advance the story as influenced by you, your art, and/or persona.

2nd Outcome: On a select date not yet determined a snapshot will be taken and existing holders will receive either a common 1/21 Glitch Dreams Playing Card or a common 1/21 Glitch Rave Playing Card. 1 lucky holder will receive one of the four 1/1 Lost, Hidden or Missing Playing Cards instead.

Note, these will be airdrops within the existing collection and cost you nothing. The multi-edition cards represent the commonality of a shared experience. Yes, you were there but so were other people. They will also increase the rarity of your 1/1’s within the deck.

Remaining multi-edition Glitch Dreams/Glitch Rave Playing Cards will be put on market for .01 ETH providing an opportunity for additional collectors to claim their place on the guest list, albeit only a vague memory.

Phase 2: Collector Influenced – Of course you were there!

In this Phase, holders of Core Moments, Lost-Missing, and Admit One Cards will influence the story and creation of 31 more cards. These cards will be released individually at random times during the story and will include 12 Character Cards, 6 Portal Cards, 5 Location Cards, 5 Lost & Found Cards, and the remaining 3 Lost-Missing Cards (remember, 1 lucky holder already owns one).

Action: Collectors will collect these final new cards released at random internals at .08 ETH.

Quick Breakdown – What to do after you collect a card?

Follow the link to the storyboard:
There you can finish reading the story and see how the art of your fellow artists and collectors are helping to shape this NFT story.

You will add your Twitter Handle to a Glitch Dreams Guest List/Twitter List on the storyboard page.

Be on the lookout for future surprises and remember, there are only 100 cards! Sure, some have more editions than others but all cards are important!

Intro.. in case you missed it.

You are up late in the hands of your television, heavily entrenched in the thralls of boredom. Click, Click, nothing on, nothing good anyway. Why the hell did I drink that coffee so late you think to yourself. It sounded good at the time.

You’re just about to get up and grab some water when the TV emits a startling high pitch screech sending your body into a state of alarm. The picture on the television starts to glitch and you see an image of a party with dancing, vivid lights, and strange people. The fine hairs on the back of your neck stand up as a heavy blanket of static electricity washes over you. Then everything returns to normal.

You finally find sleep but your dreams are plagued by flashing lights, chaotic dancing, and the thumping of loud music. When you awaken, you find yourself lying on your kitchen floor, the morning sun beckoning you alive.

It all felt so real, was it? The night, the people, the taste of sweat and the brush of raging bodies against yours. Did it really happen?

You look down and, in your hand, you’re still clenching some type of card. When you flip it over, electricity shoots up your arm and you are immediately transferred back to a moment during the night.

Continuation… You must collect a Card to help complete/influence the direction of this NFT story.


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    Wow, what an incredible piece of artwork! The vibrant colors and dynamic design make the Glitch Dreams Rave Introduction truly captivating. It’s impossible not to feel the energy and excitement of a rave while viewing this NFT. Keep up the amazing work! – Pikazon

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