This is a little bit about my new Pier NFT Collection on Kalamint. If you are not on Kalamint, I recommend giving it an opportunity. I am completely new to the platform, but hell, back in March I was completely new to this entire NFT space and Community.

Since that time, I’ve stumbled a lot, tried a lot of different things, and just continue to immerse myself deeper into the Community. I’ve had some success but like a lot of us, I’ve also endured long periods of relatively no sales.

The one thing that kept me going was HEN, or Hic Et Nunc and I don’t mean the platform, I mean the community! You see, the true success of any of these platforms depends on where the community is. They are the support, the excitement, and the fun! It’s fun to see your friends win and it’s fun to share your wins with your friends.

With that said let’s jump into this NFT Photography series, Under The Pier. This will be a collection of 4 unique 1/1 edition images.

Under the Pier

I like Piers, there is something truly awesome about waking up early, grabbing your camera equipment, and hitting the beach before the sun rises. To stand under these massive structures as dawn approaches, the ocean’s breath rising and falling with a chorus of echoes. Let’s talk about this life they say, let’s talk about the simplest of pleasures.

This was taken while visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I woke up early, before the family, and headed down to the beach. When on family vacations, you have to find time for photography when you can. Lucky for me, the night is my favorite time to shoot.

I particularly remember this photo because my lens kept fogging up. My camera bag was in the hotel room but upon taking it outside the temperature change was causing all kinds of condensation. I just kept wiping it down between shots and came away pretty happy. I hope you enjoy it too!

Avalon Fishing Pier – Kill Devil Hills, NC

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re-edit of a old photo I took

Jennette’s Pier – Nags Head, NC

Jennette’s Pier is a little more sturdy looking than Avalon Pier. I love these stone columns as they convey a sense of power and awe. Everything also feels more symmetrical.

I remember having the same issues while photographing Jennette’s Pier. My lens kept fogging up and there was a lot of wiping down the lens between shots. You think I would learn my lesson, maybe put my gear outside and let it acclimate a couple of hours before adventuring out.

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Nags Head Fishing Pier

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Flights of Eternity

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Rickety Mornings Under the Pier

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