In this post I round up some Photography NFTs on Solana that collectors might find helpful. Maybe that’s you? None of these photographers paid me or asked me to do this. This is my own deep dive into the NFT world. In future posts I will be tackling different marketplaces, blockchains, etc. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about maybe this post is for you, NFT Photography.

This is a NFT Photography Round Up on Solana

What is the criteria? Besides Photography NFTs on Solana and particularly Exchange.Art, there is none really. Sure, I say Best Photography NFTs but art is subjective. Its just my personal tastes as I go to one of the marketplaces and scan through the available NFT Photography category.

As always, do your own research on the photographer before adding a piece to your photography collection.

Photography NFT Marketplace: Exchange.ART

Why Solana? I think many collectors and artists choose Solana or alternative chains for the lower gas fees (cost to mint/collect/transact) relative to the older and predominant chain, ETH. Additionally, many of these alternative chains are much more environmental friendly.

For example, according to Solana’s Energy Use Report, “An average Solana transaction uses 2,707 Joules — or less energy than three Google searches. Although the average Solana transaction energy usage has gone up, it still remains well under the energy impact of proof-of-work blockchains such as Ethereum (equal to 287,305 Solana transactions ) and Bitcoin (equal to 2,738,710 Solana transactions).”

If your on the fence about NFTs because of the environment I encourage you to dig a little deeper than the obvious narrative that crypto=bad. The blockchain is not the internet, it’s completely new technology, and if we know anything about new tech, it’s that it can start out terribly inefficient.

But, we work at it, we evolve, we improve, we become more efficient. But, this post is not about convincing you of the validity of the consumer blockchain so let’s just move on shall we.

Why Exchange.Art? Honestly, I’m quite new to the Solana NFT Marketplaces but after surfing SolSea and MagicEden I quickly noticed that ExchangeArt is art/photography only. No PFP collectibles, etc mixed in so that is what a attracted me to the marketplace.

After spending a little bit of time there I also like the interface. I won’t say I didn’t have some bugs and a few minor headaches while experimenting with the interface but overall the experience has been positive.

6 Best Photography NFTs on Exchange.Art

Without delay, let’s dig into some great photography NFTs on Exchange.Art.

#1 Decomposition by @erhancrypto


Appears this one is from a collection of 12 street photographs shot on film. I enjoy the mood here and the the unique staircase provides two leading lines leading us to the man closest camera, bottom left, and the women on the phone, bottom right. Who is she talking to, seems important.

The commotion up the left stairs leads us to a man sitting at the top. He is the only person looking back, his hand touching his chin. Is he concerned? I’m not sure, there’s definitely some mystery here though and I like the feeling.

#2 Ignored All by @DimasFebriand

Ignored All

The description for this one is that “not everything can be forgotten, but everything can be ignored.” I’m not totally sure I understand but maybe the closed eyes and turning of the head represents a willingness to shut the world off around her.

I don’t know, but I like weird stuff and I like this long exposure blur effect. I also feel the color grading helps to set the overall tone and mood.

#3 Solitude by @NiftyB_


If you love minimalism then this one is for you. I love the simplicity of Solitude, and the vast expanse of water does a great job at evoking feelings of a remote peacefulness. In the description, the photographer speaks of mindfulness, being in the moment and that “Occasionally, we should all need a bit of solitude to quiet our minds.”

#4 Electric Connection @stefanienealart

 Electric Connection Photography NFT on Exchange.Art
Electric Connection

“Sparks fly, electricity; let it pulse through your bodies as they unite,” the photographer offers in the description and that is exactly what you get, a fantasy. The story emphasized by the cosmos above where lighting streaks through the sky to help shape an intense tale of passion.

I like these type of image composites where photographers take images and blend them together to tell a story that is perhaps, out of this world.

#5 Panel 1 by @DonRoccie (Matthew Rock)

Panel 1
Panel 1

This is just a great series of clean shapes, silhouettes, and the bustle of traffic in a collection called Panels. This collection appears to capture people going about their busy day in front of these panels of light, windows? Sometimes there is 1 person as above, sometimes multiple. I think the collection is sold out but perhaps the secondary market is a good bet.

#6 Skate Sesh (2 of 3) by @BeatsByBrains

Skateboarding NFT Photography on Exchange.Art
Skate Sesh

This is #2 in a 3 part collection of photographs taken at Venice Beach Skate Park Photographer by Photographer King Brains. If you like skateboarding than maybe this photograph is for you. I personally love the artistic nature of this one, particularly the low angle closeup of the shoes and board with another skater doing a trick in the background.

Did I miss some great Photography NFTs on Exchange.Art or other Solana Markets?

Of course I did! If I didn’t miss any great photography NFTs on Exchange.Art of other Solana platforms than that would be truly sad. So let me know about them in the comments below. If you are a photographer, go ahead and tell me about your collection in the comments.