Small City, Big Heart. In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement shook the world. Maybe you saw it on the news. Ferguson, Minneapolis, Seattle.

Depending on where you live maybe it felt far away but here is the truth. The real movement for you was right down the road, in small cities everywhere! In your city!

These photos are from a small city protest in Wyandotte, Michigan.

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Hundreds Lie Down – Second Drop on FND

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Hundreds Lie Down in the streets

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Hundreds Lie Down in the streets, in protest and remembrance of George Floyd. I lied down across from this man. To me, the crooked slanted line represented a sense of strife, turmoil, and the imbalance of justice.

Wyandotte Michigan BLM Protest

After the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, protests were happening everywhere, not just in big cities, but in small cities too. Communities everywhere were coming together to voice their anger and outrage over something nobody could deny, another brutal and senseless killing of a black man.

I was reluctant to watch the video but somehow I ended up seeing it. The video was appalling and after I watched it I ended up writing an angry message on my Facebook Wall in response to some of the conversations I seen taking place. Conversations, that still, in the wake of this blatant disregard for human life, sought to ignore or make excuses.

I usually don’t engage in online political banter but that day I just couldn’t resist. Honestly, I feel everyone is just looking to argue. It’s mentally exhausting and the energy spent could be done doing other things and so finally I did.

That day, I randomly joined a bunch of Facebook groups that were organizing local protests and suddenly I was there, in the midst of a movement. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about it!

I almost didn’t go. I was afraid because we were in the midst of a Pandemic and I wasn’t doing much outside of going to work. I worried about bringing the virus home to my young kids. I worried about going out and gathering, throwing our outraged voices into the air, amongst everyone, to shout and demand justice.

But…, we had to because even though the pandemic brought the world to a halt, it could not stop the worlds injustice!

The protest was nothing like you saw on television, or how some media outlets portrayed it to be. Nobody was burning or looting buildings, nobody was breaking windows, nobody was participating in any acts of violence at all. In fact, this is how a majority of the protests were. Peaceful!

Communities came together with heavy hearts and a burden that is all too familiar. A burden that really, all of us as a whole should see, and want to remedy and yet, some of us ignore and pretend doesn’t exist.

With my camera by my side, I documented this moment in history and captured the hearts and souls of regular people that day. People of all races that know that although we pretend equal justice is for all, equal justice is not being served.

There were many powerful moments and change felt tangible, like a defining moment in history. Let us always hold these memories close so that they may shine a light on who we are and who we hope to become.

Below, are some more of those images.

“Don’t Punish me with Brutality, Talk to Me so You can See!”

Don’t Punish me with Brutality, Talk to Me so You can See!
I’ve heard people or seen people say it, post it, etc… “I’m tired of hearing about it!” Imagine, hearing about racism is your only problem!
Some Voices must be heard!
Some Voices must be heard!!!
While other voices must be forgotten!

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