In this post, you will learn how to create an NFT on OpenSea. Although this site is directed at photographers, this post in particular is for any artist that wants to create their first NFT.

If you do not even know what an NFT is then you might want to check out this post, NFT Photography – Can Photographers NFT. This post is good for anyone new to NFTs and will give you some quick insight.

Also, if you want to read more about my experience creating my first NFT collection, and how NFTs sort of woke me up as an artist, you’ll find it in this post, My First NFT, The Bitcoin Dream Collection.

OK, so back to you, let’s create your first NFT!

Why OpenSea?

OpenSea is a great place to start and get your feet wet creating NFTs. The biggest reason is the cost. On OpenSea you will pay once but after the initial transaction, it’s free to create and list, well sort of.

Someone is going to pay eventually, either you or the buyer, depending on if you accept bids or use a set price and stick to it. The main thing with OpenSea is that you can create many listings upfront.

On a site like Rarible, you are going to pay upfront, each time, before anyone buys anything. This can add up quickly and maybe you don’t have a lot of money. I still like Rarible for other reasons but that’s a different post.

Before we begin, I want to remind you that this is an investment. You are going to need some upfront money to try to make money.

I’m going to say at least a minimum of $100 dollars in ETH to start but with the fluctuation of gas prices, it could be more, could be less. Gas is the fee a user pays to process transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. For an in-depth discussion on Ethereum Gas.

How to get ETH

If you prefer you can skip this step, and go on to create your OpenSea account below. You will just have to come back and add ETH later when you decide you are ready to start buying or selling NFTs.

So, how do you get ETH or Ethereum? If you have never bought any Cryptocurrency well, this is a great time to start.

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds and if I can do it, you can do it! You can get ETH a number of ways but I’ll just cover some of the most popular.

Buy some on Coinbase: If you are very new to Crypto, this is a great way to get started. Coinbase is probably the easiest of the digital currency exchanges and is perfect for beginners.

Buy directly inside your Metamask Wallet: In step 2 you’re going to download the Metamask wallet. In some states, using Apple Pay and a debit card you can buy ETH directly. There is a fee depending on how much you buy.

Have a friend send you some: Do you have a friend that already has some crypto? Just download the wallet below, give your friend the address and have them send it to you.

Of course, you owe your friend so maybe you give them some cash and take them out for a beer. Better yet, maybe you’re an awesome artist and your friend just wants to invest in you. Just don’t forget about them when you become all big and famous!

Creating an Account on OpenSea

Step 1) Get a Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is the place you are going to store all your ETH. All transactions on the blockchain, including minting your NFTs and selling NFTs will run through your wallet.

You will also use your wallet to connect to the many various platforms built on top of the Ethereum Network, which includes other Art Marketplaces like Rarible, etc.

Now, Metamask is not the only wallet but it seems to be the most option so I just recommend you stick with Metamask.

If you are on desktop, you will typically install the Metamask wallet as a browser extension. If you are on your phone just install the app.

When you are setting up your wallet, make sure you put those keys in a safe place! You would not want to end up the poor chap in my series title, The Bitcoin Dream.

He was early on Bitcoin and is sitting on a fortune! Unfortunately, he lost the keys!

Step 2) Sign in to OpenSea

All we have to do now is connect your wallet to OpenSea. To do so, go to OpenSea, and click on the profile icon, top right and select “My Profile”.

If you are on mobile it’s on the left under the drop-down tab > Account > My Profile

From here, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. If you don’t see Metamask click the “other wallet options” drop-down to see Metamask.

Once connected you will see you have a pretty generic profile, Unnamed, with your wallet address showing below.

Take some time and personalize your account by adding your name, bio, email, and changing the profile/cover photos.

Occasionally, your wallet will give you a security prompt and ask you to “Sign”. Just click it to continue updating and agree.

Creating your first NFT on OpenSea

Step 1) Create a Collection

First, you will need to create a collection for your NFT. A collection is a storefront for similar items. As a Photographer, you might create collections like the Black and White Collection, and add only black and white photography to it.

Of course, you can get as specific and as creative as you want. Maybe you have a collection of people with umbrellas. I mean, your imagination is the limit and honestly, the secret. Don’t skimp here, create some interesting and unique collections!

To add a collection select Create from the top menu >> My Collections and then under create new collection hit Create.

Make sure you fill out all the necessary data including name, description, logo, etc. Include everything, outside websites, social media, etc., the more the better!

Once you have all the necessary information filled out Submit Changes. If you filled out everything, you should see a toggle to submit for review become available. This is to verify your collection and approval can take some time, but you can still list your items and even sell them.

Step 2) Add Items to your Collection

Now the fun part, let’s add some of your amazing work to your collection.

Go to the collection home page, to get there, Create >> My Collections >> select the Collection

Select Add New Item

Drag and drop your file in the box, give it a Name and Description. The external link field is nice if you want to include more information about your project on an external website. I think having more substance is always a positive thing. Remember, sky is the limit.

You can include properties, levels, and stats as well. Maybe under properties, you list the medium and some other information about the piece. Could be size, location, date minted, etc.

There is no right or wrong here. As far as levels and stats, if you want, you can leave these blank for now but just remember they are there for when you have that ah-ha moment.

Unlockable Content is where I have been including a link to the high res file I have uploaded on dropbox. Still, though, that is not being very creative is it? There is a ton of possibilities here.

Supply is how many are going to be available. This is where you can create scarcity and scarcity is important when you are hoping a collector is going to buy it.

Is this is 1 of 1 edition? Maybe it’s a 1 of 10 or 1 of 100 edition. Your choice.

Now, currently on OpenSea, this option is disabled by default meaning, by default you can only sell 1 of 1. However, you can enable multiple copies by simply adding, ?enable_supply=true, to the URL field.

So at the top where it says, just add the code so it reads and hit enter.

The page will refresh and you should be able to add a number to the supply field. Just remember, when you list it for sale, under set price, enter 1. You don’t want someone to have to buy all 5 at once, but 1 out of 5.

Step 3) Listing your Item for Sale

We are almost done and you almost have your first item for sale! Click Sell. The three sell options are Set Price, Highest Bid, and Bundle.

I encourage you to leave it as Set Price. This means you will list at a set price, no auction, and if someone buys it at that price, the buyer will pay gas.

Note: A buyer can still offer you less even though you picked a set price. If they do and you accept their offer, you will be responsible for paying the gas fee.

You can play with the other options later.

Price: Choose your price in ETH. You can use google to see how this translates into your fiat money.

I do not use the ending price, schedule time, or privacy toggles. Just click Post Your Listing, and your new life has just begun, lol.

If this is your first listing, you will pay gas to initialize your OpenSea account once. Depending on the time of day, it can be expensive. My first time I tried it was going to be over $140 USD and so I backed out.

I suggest trying late at night, around midnight for a cheaper price. You can use this website to track and predict gas prices,

After this initial transaction, you can list free which is the cool thing about OpenSea.

Important Summary Points about OpenSea

1.) You pay once to list your initial NFT for sale and it’s Free to list after that.

2.) Even if you chose a set price, buyers can still offer you a lower price. If you accept, you will pay the gas fee during the sale. If the buyer offers you your asking price, they will pay the gas fee.

3.) Use to find the best time of day to make any transaction that is going to cost you gas.

Use the Comments Below and link to your NFTs for sale, I want to see them!

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