Hi, welcome to the See Imagery launch party. What makes it a party you say? Well, you do of course. I’ll also be giving away some free Photoshop overlays further down the post but really, yeah it’s you.

Without you, I’m just sort of just sitting here staring at words and ideas on a screen. So grab your coffee, beer or favorite beverage of choice, and let’s get down to business.

It’s a Virtual Party

First, since this is a virtual party it’s OK to have more than 10 people in the same room but let’s be honest, this is a new blog so I’m probably being optimistic. So let’s gather, it’s safe! Well, somewhat, have you seen this crowd?

In all seriousness though, I hope you and your loved ones are being safe and finding something positive and constructive to do during isolation. If you’re a photographer try my post “Ten things Photographers can do during Self-Isolation”. These are crazy times and having a little distraction from all the news can be a welcome relief.

Second, know this. I have been sitting here pondering about how I’m going to let people know about this website for a while now. That’s one of my flaws, I think too much, about everything, and anything. Sometimes I think, “Am I ever going to make this public or am I just writing for fun.”

Seriously, I’ve been writing content for a little bit now and find myself struggling with self-promotion. Instead, I like to hang myself up on the minute details. Like, is this color scheme working? Maybe I should change the font. Or my absolute favorite, “Stop the press, abandon ship, were starting over!”

The Truth about a Formal Declaration

Of course, this is all just nonsense. The truth is simple and plain to see, telling someone about your blog or website is actually kind of scary. Telling someone about anything you put a lot of time, effort and energy into is scary. When you announce it to the world, you put yourself out there!

What if nobody cares? What if all your efforts don’t amount to something someone will find useful? What if people laugh or make fun of you? Will you just be preaching to an empty room? None of these scenarios sound particularly fun and can keep you from actually starting.

On the other hand, what if something I have to say could actually help one person, two people or even more. What if something I offer reaches the right person at the right time and provides some type of value.

The least I could do is put myself out there, give it my all, and allow that possibility to happen. I owe it to that one person I might help and I owe it to you. I owe it to you because I want you to feel impelled to do the same. I want you to do that thing you are trying to do!

In the Comments below mention one thing, you want others to know about you, your Brand or Business.

Talk about that one thing you are doing that you want other people to know about. It can be anything at all and does not have to pertain to photography. Maybe you have your own blog. Maybe you’re selling homemade jams, promoting skincare products, raising money for charity or just trying to scrape together some Kickstarter funds.

I told you I wanted this website to offer some type of value so why not start right from the get-go, right here at this launch party. Whatever it is, use the comments below to share it here with us. Sure, this blog may have practically zero readers today but who knows right? Maybe it grows.

What do I want you to know about See Imagery?

First, my name is Michael Falk. I started See Imagery to improve my writing and spark my own passions. You see, I love to write, and I love photography. I also have over ten years of experience working with the WordPress publishing platform. If you want to know more about me you can check out the About page.

Still, even that page is more about what I’m trying to offer you so I don’t know how much insight you will get. If you really want to get to know me just sign up to the newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Also, use the comment section under each post and just talk to me! It’s great to know someone is actually reading.

Who is See Imagery For?

See Imagery is for photographers of all experience levels. It’s for photographers, by photographers. We will focus on learning photography, its application around the world and in your own life. We will also explore blogging strategies for photographers, gear, being inspired and just staying motivated.

Additionally, I will help you build your very own photography/portfolio website. It’s never too soon to start documenting your journey into photography. I approach it from a photographer’s perspective but it applies to anyone who wants to use WordPress.

I will not pretend to know everything. I picked these topics because I know I have struggled with all of them. I’m also still learning myself. In fact, I hope that I will always be learning and improving. But, I know people that know other people that know some stuff and well, maybe I know some stuff too. Together, maybe we have the right combination of stuff that you need to know.

Free Gift – Photoshop Overlays

If you stuck with me this long you deserve a free gift. Use the form below to claim your free photoshop overlays. If you don’t know what they are or how to use them you can read more about it in this post, Light Leaks, Prism and Bokeh Overlays.

Not a Photographer and wondering if you’re at the wrong party?

Nothing is worse than standing amongst a crowd of people that you have absolutely nothing in common. You get all uncomfortable, you tend to drink more. Seriously, check your drink. If this is you don’t fret, a lot of this stuff can be applied to business and life in general.

Still not convinced but think I’m a decent human and would still like to help?

I hear you, and I appreciate all the help I can get. The best thing you could do is just share this link http://seeimagery.com/wordpress/see-imagery-launch-party/ with someone you think would find it useful. Think of that person in your life that loves taking pictures and please send them the link. Hopefully, they will end up appreciating it as much as I do. But, before you go.

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A Final Word to any New and Old Photographer Friends still Reading

I’m just happy you stayed this long! We must be really good friends and your opinion is important to me. It’s also valuable, please use the comments under any post to add your experience to the conversation.

Thanks for joining us!

Remember, tell us that one thing, you want others to know about you, your Brand or Business in the comments below.

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