For this post, I asked members of the NFT Photography Community for NFT Tips. Specifically, what is your #1 Tip for Newcomers entering the NFT space?

These NFT tips are curated by NFT Photography Community members already selling or in some cases, collecting NFTs.

Next up, You! Welcome to the NFT Community. I know you are going to love it. Maybe you’ve already minted a few pieces or maybe you’re still waiting to throw your hat in the water. Either way, these NFT tips are for you!

NFT Tips – How to Market and Sell your NFTs

1.) Active Outreach is just the Tip of the Iceberg.

First, active outreach for NFT drops is a must. Reddit, discord and clubhouse are the places to be. Also, copy and resolution are important for art NFTs. Provide a back story. Make sure it can be watched on 8K screens without the need to download an image. Second, let the market decide the value of your NFTs unless you are an established artist. Third, drop where the liquidity is if you have quality NFTs. Finally, If you really must do pixel art cause you have seen Crypto Punks then at least be original.” – Martin Wawrusch

You can visit Martin’s collection for upcoming drops. Also, find him on Twitter and Instagram at and

2.) Gather and Consume Information about the Space

Spend some time learning about crypto in general, wallets, gas prices, etc.” – Loyd Towe

You can view Loyd’s NFT collection here:

3.) Remember to think about Utility, Access, and the overall Smart Contract of the NFT

Don’t underestimate utility, artwork is nice but you can really upsell yourself when it comes to the utility you are able to provide with an NFT sale.” – James Edward

4.) Think about the Collector

I’m going to go ahead and piggy back off of Tip #3 by James. You need to be thinking about the collector, particularly when it comes to the additional nuggets of goodness you pack away in the smart contract.

Use this moment to get creative photographers. Maybe a passionate fan would love the opportunity to hang with you, shoot with you, and just get to know your process for a day.

Maybe the NFT grants free access to your workshops for 1 year. Get creative, the sky is the limit.

5.) Initiate Conversations

Conversation is everything! We’re all learning as we navigate through this space so support other artists and join in talks. Don’t just shill ?” – Harshini Karunaratne

You can view Harshini’s NFT collection here:

6.) Tell Your Story

Let’s elaborate on what Harshini said, “Conversation is everything!” It’s true, you need to weave your way into the NFT Community by being part of that community. One way to do that is to share your story.

Let’s be honest, you can be a decent photographer with a great story and end up at the same place as a great photographer with no story.

It’s true, it’s like the skilled photographer lacking confidence vs the completely new photographer that says, well, I just got my camera and I’m new but let’s go do this. I charge 100 bucks.

The skilled photographer might go a whole year and only book one shoot. They aren’t even really trying because there is a mess of self-doubt that has been sewed into their thinking. Meanwhile, the new photographer is booking cheap sessions, getting paid, and….getting better.

The difference, one is good at believing in themselves, marketing themselves, sharing their story, and the other is not.

The photographer with experience might have told themselves a million stories about why they aren’t good enough, who’s better, what could go wrong, and everything else that gets in the way.

The story that is missing and the one that matters is the story of everything that could go right!

That’s the story the new photographer is telling themselves AND most importantly, their audience! They don’t give a damn if you think they are charging too little and destroying the entire photography industry. They are booking clients, making a little money, getting better, and wondering where the story leads.

What’s more, they are sharing this excitement of “Where things might lead” with their audience. So my point is this, don’t become totally invisible at the expense of the stories you tell yourself. Your artwork might be amazing but so is the suit or dress hanging in your closet.

We only know it’s true power when we see it on you!

7.) Intention and Professional Progress is Important

Connect and engage with the community is number one. In addition, I would recommend learning as much as possible about the technology behind this, including the investment side.

I am sure there will be many more traditional art collectors coming in to the scene, who will buy your art because they love it and want to own it. 

But, as of now I think there is a larger number of collectors that see this from a clear investment point of view. For them to buy your NFT they need to believe in your intention and professional progress.

Show professionalism – talk to people – don’t shill unless specifically asked for by someone you know is a collector. (And they don’t really ask for shills)

At last – take a breath and try to be patient ? It is still so very early!! :)” – Linda Kristiansen

You can view Linda’s NFT collection here: and follow her on Twitter here:

8.) Take a Breath

Jumping onto something Linda said in tip # 6 and that is “take a breath.” It’s OK to take a break! NFTs are not going anywhere. This is just the start. I know a lot of us are experiencing FOMO.

Oh no, everyone is onto the next big marketplace, I need to get on there! Oh no, I haven’t made a sale in weeks! I need to do more, grind harder, learn more, work more, and really put myself out there! AHHH, it’s exhausting. Just writing NFT tips is exhausting.

It’s a huge space and the more you learn, the deeper the rabbit hole gets. Hell, you even discover new rabbit holes. If you start to feel overwhelmed please take a step back, take a breath, and a break, and come back in a couple days. 

We will still be here to welcome you back! 

9.) Community, Community, Community

Engaging with the NFT community #1 priority” – Cameren Walker

Do you see a pattern of “be part of the community” emerging here as one of the #1 NFT Tips? You bet!

You can view some of Cameron’s latest warped experiences here, Also, don’t forget to check out his greatest asset, Hipster Dad #1 of the Crypto Dad Collection. Hipster Dad is old but young at heart. Oh yeah, I might be biased because he was created by my son.

10.) Finally, Don’t Give Up!

If you are starting a new project, with little followers, little fans, little anything, life can be rough! But, Yes, you my friend, should still create some NFTs!

Imagine, right now, you start with very little but you create this NFT infrastructure around your ideas and art. It just sits there and nobody gives a damn.

But, you keep working, you keep building. Then one day people start to notice you and suddenly 400 followers becomes 4000, then 40,000 and so on….

A couple of those fans say oh crap, this person created some NFTs back in 2021 at the height of the NFT explosion and they just sitting there ready to buy.

Keep working, keep building, keep going! Don’t give up and always remember, you can’t declare failure until you stop trying!

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